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Utility Warehouse Nottingham

Hello there! My name is Kevin and I am a Partner with a Utility Warehouse. I help people in Nottingham and beyond to save money on their household billsMy mission is to help as many people as possible, so 


Cost of living Crisis

When the cost of living crisis first started, I knew it was time to contibute in helping others. Their is no costs involved for getting a quote to see how much you could be saving, it’s a win – win.

I want to talk about my experience with utility warehouse. So everybody’s heard about the increases in electric prices and everything’s going sky high through the roof so gas, your broadband and even telephone bills everything is on the up and up.

There’s been a little bit of a panic and people are scrambling around. People have been receiving letters in the post, changing direct debits, doubling the the amounts for the forthcoming increases and it’s caused many people to worry.

Lots of families that received the notifications from their gas, broadband, Phone, and electric suppliers have had increased bills and direct debits so what do you do? 

Fortunately,  I was introduced to utility warehouse through a friend of mine. Now my friend is a calm collective fun kind of person that takes away the pressures, worries and energy stress so he takes away the stumblingblocks.


Utility Warehouse

I feel compelled to share this with you because it’s a fantastic process. it comfortably sits you down it runs through all your current bills all your utility bills etc and then utility warehouse then examine them and look to see whether they can improve on what you’ve already got.

If they can’t they won’t touch them so it’s all about improvement putting more money back into your into your pocket.  So we went through a lovely process of going through all the utility bills.

I even got to see one of their ambassadors from Utility Warehouse (not in person unfortunately) but he’s one of their in their ambassadors and he really believes in what they are working towards achieving and the process was great for me to experience.

It was a case of of changing and I needed another broadband connection and a moblie phone line so it was broadband, mobile phone, gas, and electric.

I went through the transition successfully changed The more utilities you come on board with, the greater the overall saving so that work out tremendously well for us.

Overallo, From start to end, the whole process was painless as it took away any of the adminitraative work that I did not want to be dealing with lol. It was dealt with very swiftly online and sorted out without any additional stress involved.

So that was done and very quickly in the post, I received the moblie sim card, which came through the post and this is just fabulous. The packaging, branding was spot on.


Utility Warehouse Review

So after experiencing the service for myself and seeing just look how the Utility Warehouse network actually works I had 100% confidence that I was in safe and secure hands for my utilities provisions. First impressions do count.

So I got a step-by-step guide, I got one activate your sim package. The sim card comes in a one size fits all holder so you simply peel off the sim size that is suitable for your phone.

If you had any issues you wouldnt have to worry about that because you’re also covered.

So again a no stress service so apart from saving hundreds of pounds my my bills, Ithink we’re in the region of saving something like 650 pounds for the whole year so that’s 600 pounds and thats just on the utility bills for the year alone!

Isnt that amazing! – it’s all about results.  and on top of that we also get this wonderful piece of branding so you just open it up and here we’ve got the credit cards so what you do is you you actually charge them up so you do have to put money onto the cards and then when you spend using this card you save so you can save anything from one percent  up to 10 on purchases. 

So there’s a there’s a whole myriad of companies that have partnered with the Utilities Warehouse layalty scheme. Most high street companie you know eg: Sainsbury’s, Argos, Tesco, ASDA, there’s  a whole list that you can go through so as you spend as normal, you can now some of that money back off your bills so it goes straight off your bills.

It’s reducing the cost of your utility bills so by you actually spending on the things that you’re already spending on you’re actually gonna save money off your utility bills so that’s that’s the wonderful thing about the loyalty incentive scheme. I can load the card up and spend and can continue to save money.

So being a part of the Utility Warehouse family is wonderful. It’s all about saving money whilst working. that is one way of getting money to work for you.

Utility Warehouse Preserving the Planet

As a customer they will plant a tree for me. I can even go and see the tree. Maybe I ‘ll take my boys to see the tree one day as one of them would like to be UW ambassador for the utility warehouse because of the the cause and what they’re trying to do.

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