As you read these words, allow yourself to drift into a state of calm and relaxation. You’re about to discover a powerful story of transformation that can inspire you to take control of your life and break free from the cycle of burnout.

My name is Kevin Clarke, founder of Clickzoo, a Nottingham-based Empowerment Coach, entrepreneur who has overcome my own struggles with co-dependency and people-pleasing to discover my true self. For years, I buried my emotions and put on a brave face, but deep down, I was longing for something more.

In 2018, I experienced a turning point in my life. Death hung in the balance. A moment where the grip of pain was so intense that it felt like it would never let go. This was the moment that consumed me in 2018, when bacterial Meningitis came knocking at my door.

I was rushed to the hospital, my body writhing in agony as I awaited treatment. Two seizures shook me to my core as I was plunged into the depths of intensive care. My body was consumed by the illness, and I was placed in a coma for weeks.

In the midst of my pain, I clung desperately to life, struggling to catch my breath as a machine kept me alive. But as I teetered on the edge of existence, I had an outer body experience. I looked down on myself and thought, “Is this it? Is this how it all ends?”

But something inside me stirred. A determination, a fierce will to survive. I knew that I was not ready to transition yet. I had things I needed to finish in this life.

And thank GOD, I was given a second chance. From that moment on, I transformed, shedding my old self like a caterpillar shedding its cocoon, emerging a new as a butterfly.

This experience awakened something within me, a desire to live life to the fullest and make the most of every precious moment. It’s a journey that I am still on, but I am grateful for every step along the way.

After that experience I realised that I could no longer ignore my inner voice, and began a journey of healing and self-discovery. Through the help of holistic coaches, therapists, I learned to shed the masks I had been wearing and embrace my true self.



Now, as an experienced coach trained in breakthrough coaching, NLP, and more, I am dedicated to helping others access the same emotional freedom and resilience she has discovered. I specialise in working with sensitive entrepreneurs, business owners, professional Men & Women from all walks of life helping them build sustainable lifestyle both, businesses and personal that honor their sensitivity and soul care.

Through my coaching, you too can access the confidence and resilience to show up authentically and build the life and business of your dreams. You’ll discover the power of emotional freedom and learn to protect your energy and creativity, creating a life where anything is possible.

Take a moment to imagine yourself breaking free from the cycle of burnout and embracing your true self. Visualise yourself building a sustainable, successful business that honors your sensitivity and soul care. With my guidance and support, you too can create a life of emotional freedom and fulfilment.

I am happy and grate to be a successful member of the 100k Alliance. 


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