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Welcome To Clickzoo

Clickzoo is an independent digital marketing agency founded in 2008 by Kevin Clarke and quickly established a reputation for new hights of digital marketing performance at a time when internet access, particularly from mobile phones and tablets, was spiraling, ad inventory was proliferating, and high performance was increasingly difficult to find.

From our growing office in Nottingham the Clickzoo team delivers best insights and strategic consultancy to businesses to maximise their growth. We treat our clients like partners and put their business objectives at the heart of what we do. All our work is backed by a commitment to a data-driven approach, and a continuous investment in our pioneering in-house technology.

Who Are We

A highly driven social media agency. We are a team of digital problem solvers dedicated to taking brands to the next level.

Our Mission

Our mission statement focuses on developing a long-lasting relationship with clients, as digital marketing is about building true relationships.

What We Do

We help you achieve Your Goals From Awareness to Engagement to Driving New Business. Generate Leads, Drive Website Traffic, and Build Brand Awareness with social media ads, video blogging. Promote Content. Types: Website Conversions, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Website Visits.

Our History


Clickzoo is a digital performance marketing agency whose purpose is to deliver exposure, sales growth and a competitive business advantage to its clients.

We aim to forge long term relationships with our clients by providing industry leading talent, service, strategies and marketing technology. Since 2008, we’ve created winning digital marketing campaigns. During this time we’ve expanded to become a  independent UK  Digital Media marketing Performance Agency.

We aim to work with both market leading brands and ambitious start up companies that want to grow their business through digital and online channels. Clients love our work because we’re straightforward. We don’t force clients into making long commitments

Our 6-D Process


We help you Discover your ideal marketing strategy helping you better understand what needs to go into your own marketing strategy.


We help you Define Your Personal Brand. Passions. Your passions energise you and make you attractive to others. Superpowers. Your superpowers are the things you do better than everyone else.


Let us help you design your brand identity with our simple process to design a beautiful, effective, and flexible brand identity that will grow with your brand.


We then help you by developing your business idea into a viable product or service is a critical part of building a business. Thorough assessment and market research at an early stage will help you to establish whether there is a market for your product or service.


For more precision, we can use tools that deploy the latest technology to help you target  your audience at the best possible time.


We work closely with our clients to deliver a custom-built strategy for your international growth. To formulate this strategy, we analyse your customers and clients.

Why Choose Us?

We are makers who make things better by design.

24/7 IT support services for your business, giving you complete reassurance that your network gets all the support it needs.

Our 6D system assures you gain the results you seek through your projects.

Whether you’re just starting with Clickzoo or are a long-time user, our team will help you solve your issues, and show you how to get the most out of our services

Up to date marketing techniques and tactics providing the best ROI 

Over 18 years of experience in creating and delivering successful media solutions, digital marketing strategies and marketing campaigns.

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