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At times life can be difficult and we could all do with a little help to get things back on track.

We can pick up furniture and electrical items Eg: Beds, Washing Machines, Cookers, Dryers from your home for free. The items you donate to those in need directly or sold through charitable organisations in Nottingham UK.

How stuff works

You can request a free furniture collection using our online form at the bottom of the page.

You will need to tell us:

  • what items you would like to donate

  • your preferred collection date

  • where we will be collecting from

  • your contact details.

Your local KDC contact will then contact you within 5 working days to agree a date.

This service is currently for collecting furniture and electrical items.


Before you start

To cover the cost of our collection service and raise funds, we need to be able to sell the items you donate in charity shops. Our van crews will not accept items that cannot be sold. This means items have to meet legal and health and safety standards, and also be in good condition.


Please Check

    1.Upholstered items have fire labels

This is a requirement by law, we cannot re-sell upholstered furniture in any outlet without a fire safety label. Upholstered furniture has cushioning, padding or fabric covering. Examples of upholstered furniture include sofas, chairs mattresses and padded dining chairs etc.   Items you donate can not have any rips or tears that expose the inner fabric, as this means it no longer meets fire safety standards. Our vehicles can not accept goods that do not meet the required standard.

    2. Items are in saleable condition

To cover the travel expenses and other costs of our collection service and raise funds, we need to be able to sell the items you donate in our shops.

This means items:

  • should not have obvious stains, rips, marks or odours

  • must work (particularly electrical items)

  • must have all parts in place (for example, no doors missing from wardrobes, no missing drawers on a chest of drawers). 

Our vehicle crews will refuse to take items that we cannot directly donate or sell.


Other ways to donate

Your money donation could help support our KDC Helpline who provide crucial resources to people living in a crisis situation, help them manage their conditions and live healthier lives.

Request a collection

First, complete the form below to see if we collect in your area: