Course x Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

course x review

Hey Kevin Clarke here welcome to the course X review what I’m going to do is go over the sales page give you my feedback I’ve been in the online marketing space for well over two decades I’m also featured in The New York Times bestseller the laptop millionaire my story is on page 77 if you want to check out my humble Beginnings do so before we dive into this if you would like to start your online business be fully coached fully supported until you’re hitting 10K per month then check out the second link on my description and that will take you straight to there so let’s dive into the course x review shall we…..

A 500 billion e-learning industry with the power of artificial intelligence brand new AI powered app creates AI created courses and watch sales and profit on autopilot okay let’s see so it’s pre-loaded with 500 done for you courses ready to sell now that’s beautiful because a lot of the times you could be in a space where you’re attempting to create courses yourselves which in my experience takes up a considerable amount of time we’re talking like weeks even months to create a decent course which will keep the attention of the person that’s learning and if you don’t have sophisticated equipment it can really set you back the the learning curve can be intense and all sorts so to have 500 done for you courses ready to sell is a beautiful thing so that’s a game changer right there so no manual course creation no research and development needed no marketing no Tech skills needed. that’s beautiful.

You keep 100% of the pro profit which is nice so this system will basically make its money just from the purchase by the looks of things in my experience there’s a video you can watch there for for details I won’t go into that at the moment so a revolutionary app enables you to quickly start your e-learning business which is good create fully functional udem like websites in less than a minute no Tech skills required.

Use AI Creator to generate high quality courses in any Niche without content writing no recording and no designing. Turn your hobby and skills into a profit be it coaching, singing, business skills, cooking Etc so there will be sub niches inside this packages courses ready made on those niches that will allow you to sell these courses to your niche market so if you if you’re already in a singing, business or coaching business or any business that’s dealing with cooking Etc then you can tag this course along inside any services that you’re offering or products that you’re offering at the moment keeps your learners engaged and motivated,

With AI personalization, overall it’s a good thing because it’s it’s straightforward no messing about as long as you can understand what’s being said then that’s perfect it’s all about getting the knowledge at the end of the day. You get course creation customer support updates and everything on complete automation for a smooth experience is always good.

High converting funnels complete with landing pages and emails and created for each course automatically now that’s powerful because when it comes to copyrighting. When it comes to email marketing again that’s a chunk of change if you was to do it on your own creating the content putting all of the information together setting up funnels can be a mamouth task of task I know this so that’s a that’s a good tick right there.

Seamless payment integration to collect payments directly through your website using your favorite payment processor beautiful thing which means that you’re going to have more global reach in terms of your clientele your customers less chances of of you losing profit losing money rather collect and manage leads of your customers with

Autoresponder integration lovely stuff ideal for product creators affiliate marketers e-commerce store owners bloggers and every possible Niche no profit sharing with third parties you

Keep 100% of the profit newbie friendly which is a good thing and it’s cloud-based so you don’t have to go out buy to buy hosting packages and all that kind of stuff so the expenses are minimum based upon the sound of things so you can create your own sit create your own courses keep all of the profit so it’s saying here step one enter the website name description tagline logo favon and your e-learning website is ready exciting step two too add courses to your website from done for you courses or create with AI course creator that’s lovely so you got the freedom of both sides there if you’ve got things that are already made that and you need a platform in order to Showcase your courses.

It ticks that box if you’ve got no courses whatsoever you can tap into the done for you courses inside Course x and sell them that’s a game changer and again it says you keep the profits to yourself 100% no profit sharing.

It,s a massive industry e-learning you know with the shift everything’s now digita. Thel industrial age is over. You have less outgoing. You can learn inhouse straight from your phone laptop PC whatever device and you’re getting that knowledge in and you’re building your business straight from your home straight from your device then it’s a powerful thing and this made an average of $500 a day in Profit just by selling courses for many people.

E-learning is a massive Niche it’s just a case of finding your Niche and sticking to your Niche to be fair because in my experience I found that if you are all over the place trying to sell all these different kind of products and services to different people then your energy is literally scattered abroad and with focus goes energy flows so if you keep all of your energy aligned into one thing you become an authority figure in your chosen niche. Become that go-to person for that one thing. It’s best to stand out in one thing and be recognized.

If you think “Tiger Woods” he may do other things but he’s put a lot of his energy in time time into golf right so you get the idea.

You may be asking yourself “but why course selling and e-learning business but why? because e-learning is a huge $400 billion industry and it’s anticipated to grow 14% between 23 to 32 with project revenue of 1 trillion by 2032 so it’s about tapping into it while it’s young while it’s early if you tap into it while it’s early and stand on it then the science will do the rest.

So where’s the power in Course X? It’s a masterpiece. The game changing AI powered software course X does the following.

  • Create stunning new like sites with a Marketplace member area and blogs create our own courses in multiple niches using the built-in AI course creator
  • Integrated our autoresponders seamlessly to collect and manage leads good added limitless courses to websites to sell and make maximum profits accept payments on PayPal stripe or our favorite payment processor generate discount code to run special offers to maximize sales and much much more.

Brilliant. no manual course creation no content writing no Tech hassle just start selling and earning keep a 100% of the profit no profit sharing. So what’s my take on this.

This is excellent if you have a audience and a niche and would like to add more value to.

It’s is brilliant because what you’re doing is this, you’re keeping your clientele in your network which means that your net worth is going to excel that’s a brilliant thing about Course x

Another great thing I can see is you don’t have to invest energy time money into courses. they’re done for you. they are built using the power of AI.

You’re leveraging a ton of time ton of energy and money so that’s great and with it being a onetime investment no monthly fees that’s a box ticker for me/

24 hour support and much more this gives you an idea of the different platforms that’s covered different niches.

That coveres programming, yoga, personal development cooking, gardening, Pet Care, School courses, accounting dancing, photography, graphic designing, video, home deccor languages, digital marketing and banking etc.

Start making passive income online. It’s a perfect choice for you if you are looking to start an online business instantly without much effort, if you want to set up your passive income, if you are a freelancer and want an easy solution to provide service for your clients if you are a newbie, or still a student with zero experience and looking for a side income without giving much time and effort so that gets a green tick from me.

What I’ll do is I’ll leave the link to Course X Here