Best affiliate marketing strategies for beginners ~ 2024 ~ Make $21,000 A Month Passive Income

Best affiliate marketing strategies for beginners

Welcome to this post If you are looking for the best affiliate marketing strategies for beginners and pros, you are in the right place. today, I will discuss how you can start to make a fully a functional professional affiliate marketing website so you can start making money today and up to fifty thousand dollars in affiliate income by the end of the year at absolutely no cost to you then you’ve come to the right place.

I love to write right now I’m at Costa Coffee Nottingham in England, UK one of my favorite spots wjhen I am on the move. I got the idea to make an affiliate website categorie so I could share my writings with others and offer my readers practical advice.

let me start by explaining why I got involved in affiliate marketing. It might not be the same reason you are for you you might have decided you wanted to get involved in affiliate marketing because you wanted to make some extra money on the side for me my goal was quite different and I think that you might want to consider my goal as well as an in-game solution.

In 2008 I got in a conversation about Financial Freedom and how to score Financial Independence so that you don’t have to worry about money for the rest of your life so I ended up doing a bunch of research on that and every time the answer was always passive income so I decided that I needed to get involved in passive income if we wanted to have a chance at Financial Freedom anytime soon.

Most people go an entire lifetime working really hard and if they’re lucky they have enough money in the end to live a nice comfortable life.

I wanted to find Financial Freedom sooner in life so that me and my family would have an opportunity to enjoy more of life so let’s fast forward, in 2008 I was very close to reaching my Financial Freedom goals and I wanted to pay it forward and give everybody else the opportunity to learn from what we have done so that you can apply these things to your world and potentially reach Financial Freedom as well.

let’s first start with understanding the difference between earners and entrepreneurs an earner is any person that has a regular job where your work effort and time is what allows you to get paid they decide how much they’re going to pay you do the work they pay you an entrepreneur on the other hand, finds a way to make money off other people’s time and effort.

A really good example of entrepreneur is people who have money already is that they might purchase a property and then they rent that property out well now they own the property and the person gives them money every month so the person that’s renting went to their job and at the end of the month they took some of the money they made and they give it to the owner of the house that in itself is an example of passive income.

Now for me im not going to be buying houses just yet however let’s go ahead and discuss what the short answer for passive income is basically passive income is money that you earn in a way that doesn’t require you to be actively working all the time let me give you an example I’m an affiliate with Amazon let’s say I go onto my Facebook and I put a post about my favorite whey protein and then I put a link to that product in the post now I submit the post and then I go out for dinner and then I go to sleep and then I wake up in the morning and all of a sudden I made money how because people read my post they took my advice they clicked on a link and they purchased the protein and then Amazon gave me a piece of it but that’s typically the kind of passive income we’re going to be looking at but if you collect up enough of that passive income then you can do things like buy houses.

So now that we know a little bit about passive income let’s go ahead and take a closer look at affiliate marketing and see why that’s the right choice for us the concept of affiliate marketing is simple you promote somebody else’s products and services and in turn they pay a commission for any sales you produce but the advantages of affiliate marketing are what make it the best passive income solution.

Best affiliate marketing strategies for beginners – 8 Great Benefits

1) You don’t need to create or own any products

2) That means you don’t have any inventory costs

3) There’s no risk of losing money getting started

4) This is a real passive income stream meaning you literally can make money while you sleep

5) You have the potential for exponential growth so unlike an earner that is capped by what their employer is going to pay them you can add as many revenue streams as you want through affiliate marketing which means your potential to make money is unlimited

6) If you choose to you can stay Anonymous so for example when I got started the first thing I did was make a how to make a WordPress website video I’m not in the video at all it doesn’t show a picture of me at all it’s just me talking in a bunch of screenshots

7) You have the luxury of remote work meaning your location independent and time of day independent so basically if you have a laptop in the access to the internet no matter where you’re at you have the ability to make more revenue streams.

8) You’re not the help desk so for example if you sell an item on Amazon and somebody’s not happy with their purchase they don’t contact you they contact Amazon as a pro tip you don’t have to be the help desk when you have a potential customer ask you a question go ahead and answer those questions to the best of your ability because this can double or triple your sales in the long run.

Hope you have a great day peace out thank you

Kevin Clarke – 100k Alliance

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