9 Untapped Best Side Hustle Ideas For 2024 ($1,000/Day)

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Best side side hustle ideas


This is the online side hustle pyramid. It’s made up of three different levels level one requires no skills and no money level 2 demands some skills but still no money and to reach level three you need both skills and money.
As a millionaire who started off with absolutely nothing I’ve been through all of these levels and if you do too then you’ll certainly be able to make more than a thousand dollars per day and don’t worry I’m not going to be suggesting you spend hours watching ads testing websites or filling out those useless online surveys, I mean it only pay a few dollars anyway so what’s the point? instead, I’m interested in the big bucks so these are side hustles you can make good money from.
Of course, the faster you progress through the levels the more money you can make.
level one, no skills no money? in this level it’s all about using your timer as strategically as possible to create the most amount of money the first side hustle is:

Being a Content critic. 

This one isn’t as well known but it’s definitely in high demand I’m even willing to pay someone to do this for me so listen up and let me know if this sounds like something you’d be interested in the job of a Content critic is to give unbiased honest feedback. Honesty is such a rare thing to find most negative comments come from haters and fans rarely like to offer criticism as many people take it the wrong way the majority of content creators have developed a tough skin and are actively looking for ways in which to improve their content that’s why if you’re a genuine fan of a particular YouTuber then you could actually be far more valuable than you realize so if this sounds like something you could be interested in then contact me suggesting what content you’d like to see on my blog and I’ll reach out to the people with the best ideas and be their first client. I’m happy to pay a fair amount for a great feedback report from a reader and I’m sure many other creators will be open to doing the same. With multiple clients you’ll be able to build up to more than a thousand dollars in no time.

The second side hustle is flipping Instagram theme Pages. 

This is something you can do with just an iPhone and a bit of time these are pages that are focused on specific subjects when I first heard that you can make money from flipping these I was actually quite shocked. Back in my day I had to actually buy and sell physical products like cars for example but now doing this online actually makes complete sense. Just think about it, when was the last time you scrolled on Instagram and didn’t see a sponsored post they’re everywhere. This just shows brands are putting loads of money into Instagram adverts which makes the pages more valuable. If I were you I would start and grow pages in particular niches by posting regular reels personally, I’d pick a car theme page as I used to race cars so I know the niche has a big demand from advertisers. I’ve seen some of these Pages sell for thousands a bonus one in this level is using the link in the description to get 16 free stocks worth between two and two thousand dollars in return for signing up to MooMoo they’re a great investing platform and it’s basically free money level two some skills no money these online side hustles require more upfront work to begin with but as you develop your skills you’ll be able to charge a lot more than the average person as you’re providing more value and this of course equals higher pay.



The third side hustle is designing thumbnails 

I actually ran a competition to find a thumbnail editor for my YouTube channel. I did this on my Instagram and we had hundreds of submissions you might be thinking if hundreds of people applied isn’t there too much competition. In all honesty, only three designers actually stood out to me in that competition as they took the time to understand my style and rather than just creating a pretty graphic they really considered how they could get people interested in clicking create an effective thumbnails is more of a psychological task than graphic design one the best thumbnails are often simple to create but the idea behind them is very clever just think if you can increase a YouTuber’s click-through rate by even one or two percent then hiring you means instant profit and you’re justifying your own wage out of the three candidates that stood out, I hired two of them myself and I recommended the third to one of my friends if you can Master this skill and sell 10 thumbnails in a day for a hundred dollars each then that’s a thousand dollars right there you could charge less and do more or even charge more and do less the choice is yours depending on your skill level

The forth hustle is tutoring. 

Now before covid I probably wouldn’t have added this one to the list as most people wanted in-person tutors and honestly this business model isn’t great at its very time intensive and the amount you can charge is also pretty capped depending on the competition in your local area however I really think the world has changed if you’re talented at a particular subject it may be a great option to teach it online the key here is to sell the transformation rather than a tutoring itself. I mean, most people don’t really go to a personal trainer to improve their technique they go to become a fitter person that’s why they’re always using before and after photos to advertise their services.
You need to sell a specific outcome to a standardized test such as gcse’s and a levels in the UK. Facebook is the perfect place to advertise as it’s full of mums that want their kids to do better than everyone else’s trust me, if you find the right Facebook groups the demand is Sky High. The great thing about doing it online is that you can cut out all the travel time which means you can work with more people and earn more money you also don’t have to just work for people in your local area as you can teach anyone anywhere in the world. If you’re able to sell 10 spots in a group class for 25 each then that’s 250 an hour. Once you achieve this, you can start filling more hours you may think that people won’t want group classes but if you give them the outcome you promised it doesn’t matter how you deliver it especially if you put all the students in a Facebook group and offer them support outside of lessons. of course, if you’re selling the outcome of getting into medical school or completing your exams as a doctor then you can charge way more as the potential outcome you’re selling is worth a lot more money.

The fifth side hustle is creating logos 

have you ever looked at a famous logo and thought that’s so simple I could do that I know I certainly have and I’m ancient so I’m sure you younger guys reading this will be able to master this one easily. We recently held a competition on my Instagram account where we paid the winner a thousand dollars for creating a logo for our brand strike it big which is run by my son and I we weren’t looking for Crazy Design skills it was all about the idea even if the logo was hand drawn. We were prepared to pay the money if it was a good idea with this side hustle no one cares about your school grades instead your past work acts as your qualifications so it’s really important to build a great portfolio to seal the deal with your clients you may have to work for free in the early days to do this. I know that working for free sounds like a waste of time but it’s a great way to check out the competition and also see how to price your services. Once you have a solid portfolio you can either go directly to your clients or offer Graphic Design Services on websites like Fiverr and upwork as they already have a huge Marketplace. if you’re good, there’s no reason you couldn’t be earning 500 to a thousand dollars per day in your spare time.



The sixth side hustle is becoming a high ticket closer 

imagine being The Mastermind behind ceiling deals and locking in sales for influencers course creators consultants and business owners. These types of people are usually extreme family busy managing operations delivering their products and making content so they need someone with a gift of the gab that can focus entirely on closing deals. This is exactly what one of my employees does and he regularly takes home more than a thousand dollars in a day from commissions and he has no formal qualifications to his name.This just shows how you can add value to a business by selling their High ticket items and earn more than a doctor’s salary the advantage of being a high ticket closer is the fact that you don’t need to create your own thing you’re just simply selling someone else’s product it’s a much simpler business model that you can do from anywhere in the world. If you have a phone you have a business and that’s about it.

The seventh side hustle is web design. 

The internet levels the playing field it’s almost like America was in my youth the land of opportunity but the internet is far greater and it allows the younger generations to have a big advantage over the older business owners. I mean, no business can survive long without a good website and most people are lacking the skills to build one themselves so this interests you then why not learn web design skills.
I know two teenagers that decided to take up web design and they both went in two completely different directions one decided heju’s website Builders such as Squarespace which means he only had to edit really simple templates to build a basic site for his clients the other decided to code bespoke websites from the ground up for larger clients that wanted something more original now both are extremely successful at what they do but they both serve entirely different markets at different price points you’d get paid more for a bespoke site however, this takes a lot more time to learn. I’ve paid anywhere between 10 000 to a hundred thousand dollars for custom websites in the past. It’s an absolute Gold Mine. level up some skills some money and once you work your way up to this level of the pyramid you should have enough skills and money to start making a great income.

The eighth side hustle is selling digital products 

A friend of mine created a bundle of templates for Instagram and she sells them for thirty dollars per download last year she made a quarter of a million dollars which is pretty crazy a digital product could be many things from these Instagram templates to ebooks and online courses. If you invest your time making these then you can sell them year on year and never ever run out of stock. The reason you need some money is for the advertising costs. You could run Facebook or Instagram ads or even try out Tick Tock. There are also some free ways you can promote your products such as affiliate marketing but this is harder to get going if you don’t already have a steady stream of sales and positive reviews. If I was selling something Tech related, I’d reach out to YouTubers such as unbox therapy or Marcus Brownlee who have millions of subscribers and offer them a percentage of every cell they bring in. Now I’m not saying they would definitely accept however if you reach out to enough people then you’ll find collaborators that are interested in what you have to offer.

The ninth side hustle is starting a software business 

To be fair this isn’t really a side Hustle but it is the fastest way to become Mega Rich. We recently chatted to Tim armo who exited his business for a rumored 40 million dollars before turning 28 years old I understand that this may seem unattainable at the moment but I believe that most entrepreneurs should strive to have some form of Technology built specifically for their businesses Tech businesses offer the potential for significant profits through huge exits but this opportunity won’t be around forever so it’s important to get started as soon as possible. If you want to know exactly how I would make ten thousand dollars in seven days then you can check out this powerful mentoring opportunity if you want to grow your wealth okay I’ll see you over there Here is the link.

9 Untapped Side Hustles For 2023 ($1,000/Day)


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