The Secret to Feeling Gratitude

The Secret to Feeling Gratitude Before Manifestation  (Missing Key)

Welcome back to another post I enjoy helping people Expand their consciousness so in this post I’m gonna be sharing with you the missing key to feeling gratitude prior To the experience you want to have or what you want to attain.

Now I believe that this post can really clear up any fallacies around the idea of Gratitude and help you understand how to represent the feeling and how that can intensely deepen your life? Now the route that I like to talk about gratitude or to explain it because it’s something that I’ve clearly applied in my life and seen a big change from is understanding how to feel the affections prior to experience now the first step to this is understanding Why that is so important? We’ll understand that whatever feeling we are putting out now understand that whatever we put out is what we are getting back So if we are putting out a feeling of resistance or a feeling that says that what I want to create isn’t here already.

That resistance is acting as a block from us discovering the possibilities of from us examining things that could be Synchronistic in stirring whatever we want to experience come to us so the relevant recommendations behind this is we must line up the feeling of previously having that which we don’t have in order to reverberate with the desires in order to reverberate with the account of what we want to experience in “peoples lives”.

Now the key to Gratitude is understanding that first off Gratitude is simply a nation of being and it’s a state of being that can with repeat become a much more natural state of being for us So the idea is that all the emotions we have are emotions that had been habitual sees through duplication we simply label the signify as to what things mean we consistently are doing the same things that we do every day and Therefore we get the same feeling Responses now the idea is that if we can get into the gratitude commonwealth of being if we can simply decide to feel grateful? For what is already in our life that nation of being is what? necessary to then receive what we want so the idea is that instead of focusing on feeling gratitude for the Specific thing that we want to create the main part of this is understanding we can feel gratitude for what we already have and that as we get into that power district.

We are allowing ourselves to then resonate with what we want to experience now the idea and a common error with the whole Manifestation process is thinking that what we need to do is foresee non-stop about? whatever we want to create and that many times will cause resistance because if whatever we want to create isn’t here right now in this moment will create the fighting and will preserve reaffirming that it’s not here already.

Now the idea and what I talk a lot about my posts is setting the intention when you get up in the morning thinking about it when it feels good to think about it when it’s necessary when you’re taking the action that’s necessary and then to simply let go of the outcome and to feel grateful for what you already have in your life and gratitude isn’t only good for achieving what we want it’s also good for the coherence of our stomach to our mind so connecting the heart to the mind and understanding that the electromagnetic vigor of the heart is Thousands of times bigger strong and more powerful than out of the head so the idea behind this is that when we feel gratitude the heart math Institute has showed that make that daily has an effect on the immune arrangement we have has an effect on happiness status and so many other different things within the physiology of our mas So the idea behind this is that there’s so many ways to it and all you have to do is set aside a few minutes a day to feel grateful for what you already have to focus on the things that you already have the relationships and Understand that whatever you focus on thrives, so the more you focus on it.

The more you make it something that’s habitual, the more that you make it a blueprint within yourself and the more you’re going to be exercise that position of being so understand that you can easily make grateful a part of your daily practice that even when you get up what you can do is this exercise.

This is something that I’ve done for years what I do is I set at least five minutes aside for this specific practise of grateful I focus on the things that I’m already grateful for, what I do is then Is place great importance on those things that I’m grateful for and what I do is once I get to the peak of feeling that gratitude for the things I once have I then focus on what I want to create “peoples lives” And I just simply decide I’m going to feel as if I once have it now the best part about this is that doing it routinely can make it so that your brain doesn’t know the difference between what it is imagining, and what is really happening? So what we eventually do is we make it something that we feel we already have and then what I do is I simply know that it is already done.

The Secret to Feeling Gratitude

I know that the suitable synchronicities will be generated itself into “peoples lives” It is a well-known fact that as I go through daily I’ll get more and more reflection of that and as I go through my life with that trust I find more and more of that.

So the idea is that this is something you can apply, its one of the stronger traditions that I’ve applied in my life, and I think that if you do it You’ll have begun to feel entire and at the end you’ll start to really feel self Validated and it’ll leak into so many different areas of your life.

Its simply related to getting what you want to create It’ll too be about practicing happiness in the present moment so remember you can easily do this by doing a two hour activity every day by focusing on feeling gratitude for what you already have and then as you get to the peak of that, simply switching to what you want to create?

Envisioning it in detail and as “you’re feeling” into that you’ll be creating that blueprint within your torso Then simply go throughout your era and know that everything will happen when it’s meant to happen Take action and as you do that You will be lining up with those opportunities.

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