Peace, Commitment, and Empowerment

These three words have come up over and over for me this week, and while they may seem like individual and distinct concepts, they are intertwined with each other as well as to me and my business.

Let’s start with peace.

When I think about my top values, peace or peaceful has never reared its head. It’s not that I didn’t want to feel peaceful; it’s just never felt crucial.

Lately, though, especially in the early morning when I have some me time, I’ve noticed this wonderful feeling in my body, in my core. I breathe better, bigger, fuller, deeper. I put a name to this feeling, and I found it was “peace.”

I realized I had been missing that feeling. Sure, life has been hectic, and there’s a lot going on, but I was surprised to realize how important peace was needed.

Onto commitment.

I’m searching for my next coach, as I believe strongly in the power and even necessity of coaches and mentors. Earlier this week, I had a Discovery Call with a coach. We talked about the various avenues of my business and the possible fitness between me and the potential coach. What he told me is that his company works in 90-day blocks, and that in those 90 days, the coachee commits to a certain outcome or goal.

Now, as a smart business owner and a coach myself, I get the power of commitment. But for some reason, in talking with this coach, the way he said it rang differently for me. That idea of committing to one path or one goal for 90 days… and the idea that perhaps I have not been committing the way I think I have been… it’s certainly making me go, “Hmmmm… “

Finally, the big one: empowerment.

There’s a situation my husband Mark and I have been dealing with for the last five months, and it looks as if it’s finally winding down. Funny enough, in this winding down and really seeing that the end could be near, I’ve been spiraling and certainly not at peace. (I told you these concepts were related.)

What I realized, and this was freaking huge, was that because this situation was primarily Mark’s situation, I couldn’t actively do anything about it. I’m affected greatly by it, but I couldn’t make phone calls, take action, etc. because other parties can’t deal with me. They can only deal with Mark.

I realized that this was the third time in my life that I have felt powerless: my childhood (one long big time), the explosion of my first marriage, and then this one. I was explaining to Mark how bad this was for me, this feeling of powerlessness. I went over to the Emotional Guidance scale from Abraham-Hicks printed out in the office to show him that it was in the lower half (i.e. “bad”) of the chart. Well, it’s not only in the “out of the vortex” section of the chart, it’s at the very bottom of the chart, along with despair, fear, and grief.


I’ve been embracing that one of the things I do for my clients and people in my programs was to empower them. I just never knew how necessary empowerment was showing up for me. Actually, it’s probably more the lack of empowerment that has thrown me for a loop. No one should feel powerless.

So, how are all these related and what do they mean to you?

Well, first, they’re related for me because they all welled up at the same time. If I’m not feeling empowered, then that’s affecting my sense of peace and ability to commit. If I’m feeling powerless, how the heck can I commit to something? On the other hand, if I can take back my power (or at least recognize how this temporary situation made me feel powerless), I will be at more peace. If I continue to choose peace, I’m going to be better able to commit, take action, make choices, and serve the world.

Next, onto you… how do peace, commitment, and empowerment show up in your life? Are you at peace? Do you want to be? Are you committing full out, or just playing it safe? Are there places you feel powerless? Where can you take back your power?

Third, what concepts are showing up for you in your life? What do they mean to you? What messages are they trying to give you? What action do you need to take?

May you be at peace with all you do.