Mindset Coaching 10 Facts Checklist (2021)

Mindset Coaching – 10 Facts Checklist (2021)
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If you’re thinking what mindset coaching is all about and how it can help you towards good success, keep reading on.

In this article, I’ll explain how mindset coaching compares to other forms of life coaching and the benefits provided.

So, let’s dive right in shall we.

#1 What Is Mindset Coaching?
Mindset coaching is speech therapy, which focuses on our existing beliefs and thinking patterns.

Mindset Coaching
#2 What Exactly Does A Mindset Coach Do?
Recognising a negative mindset is not so simple, let alone changing it. That’s why plenty of people seek help from a mindset coach.

A mindset coach will communicate with you in a way which highlights the existing beliefs in your mind.

They will work to pinpoint mental blocks and other unhelpful thought patterns, then help you to view the world from a different perspective.

By optimising the way you view yourself and the world around you, a mindset coach can lead you to optimise your attitude, actions, and behaviour and habits you carry out on a daily basis.

What Is Mindset Training?
Rewiring your inner beliefs is not always a simple and straight forward job, it requires consistent focused repetitive work.

Mindset training is a term used to describe the exercises prescribed by a mindset coach in order to shift your mind to the desired place.

This training differs depending on the coach and the client.

#3 Benefits Of Mindset Coaching
Your inner beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts then become your actions. Your actions become your outcomes.

How we respond to what happens to us defines our lives..

Once this truth is understood, you understand how your mindset is everything.

A positive mindset will help you to make decisions in your life that are positive.

1) Instead of assuming the worst of other people, you may learn to hope and trust others.

2) Rather than making decisions rooted in scarcity, fear, insecurity, you will start to do so based on love, abundance and optimism.

3) Instead of assuming the worst of yourself, you may learn to move with confidence.

These three examples alone of how mindset coaching can radically change your perspective and your actions.

This new mindset can take you to new actions that produce more joy, happiness and fulfilment in certain parts of your life. We’ll take a closer look at some more specific examples below.

(Note: If you think that you’re not responsible for your own happiness and success, this might be one of the first things a mindset coach will work on )

#4 Examples Of Mindset Struggles

Let’s take a look at some more specific examples of how a poor mindset can make life more challenging for us.

#1 Unfortunate in your love life

Rick believes he doesn't deserve a great partner.

He doesn’t take the initiative to step to flirt with women he’s attracted to. When they flirt with him, he assumes they’re just being nice or they are just having a laugh with him.

This mindset nearly guarantees he won’t experience a great love life. Even if he does enter into a relationship, It will be just a matter of time before he thinks he’s not good enough, which will probably cause more problems in the near future.

This "not being good enough" mindset is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Everything about your body language, personality, your, style and charisma, it has a negative affect around your potential significant others.

However, if you believe you are attractive its also a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"If you think you can or you think you can not, either way, you are right"

When you walk bold with confidence and make power moves around love interests, this can do plenty to attract the desired things to you. Indeed, confidence is without a doubt one of the most attractive personality traits ever.

A mindset coach can change your self-image and help you start a brand new more attractive version of yourself.

#2 Fear of growth

Sally is an extremely doubtful risk-averse entrepreneur. Whenever an opportunity arises or new people want to joint venture with her, she has an habit of dwelling on what could possibly go wrong. therefore, she takes little steps to move forward with her business.

She’s smart enough to understand this is damaging her and would like to be set free from the fear of expanding her company, but just struggles to do it.

A mindset coach would be able to identify why Sally feels like this, then help her to change the way she looks at business deals.


#3 Apprehension on the big stage

Ruth is a super talented football player. However, her goals of going professional are being sabotaged because she fails to play at the big stadiums.

Meanwhile, despite being amazingly talented, she tends to start panicking when taking tests or having to play to a wider audience.

This problem is not necessarily tackled by a teacher or a football coach. Mindset coaching will help to find out what is causing this performance anxiety and give her the right tools to tackle it.

#5 Mindset Coaching Is A Part Of All Coaching

Mindset coaching is similar to other types of talking therapy.

The main difference is that a mindset coach will want to focus on their clients’ inner thought patterns.

If you have challenges with mental blocks, destructive thought patterns, negative beliefs, or a lack of self-belief, a mindset coach would be best suited over any other type of therapy.

#6 Life Coach vs Mindset Coach

The main difference is the process used to improve people’s lives.

A life coach will help you make better decisions, get understanding in the area of your emotions, reveal your purpose and reach your goals more swiftly.

However, most of their coaching will stay on the base level. It will also focus on what you can do in the near future.

A mindset coach will explore deep down into the archives of your mind because they want you to understand your mind by knowing why you make the decisions you choose to make.

They will then take the necessary steps to replace these thought patterns and create longlasting change in your behaviour and habits.

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#7 Mindset Coaching Techniques

A mindset coach may be skilled in a wide variety of neuroscience-based and therapeutic techniques. Here are a few common techniques.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
This is a form of communication designed to highlight how a person truly feels and what they really desire. Many of the hints are given from non-verbal cues, as well as verbally.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
A common talking therapy process used to help clients identify and reshape their thought patterns.

Here, your coach will guide you into an ultra-relaxed state.

This then allows them to go beyond your conscious thoughts and communicate with your subconscious mind.

It is in the subconcious mind where many of your mental blocks are stored.

Although the process of these techniques slightly differ, the end  goal is the same.

A coach with plenty of experience may not need to understand all of these skills and techniques in order to help you reach your goals.

What is a mindset transformation coach?

There are many similarities between a transformation coach and a mindset coach.

The latter may place more emphasis on creating a lasting change within their clients.

Their coaching program may take longer in time and be more intense.

Anyway, it is common for the techniques used by these two types of coach to overlap.

#8 Different Types Of Mindset Coaching

There are plenty of mindset coaches who choose to niche themselves and focus on specific types of clients.

By targeting a specific demographic rather than having a general approach, they are able to understand and serve this type of person better.

Here are some popular niches of mindset coaching.

Entrepreneur Mindset Coaching
If you’re an entrepreneur, you may want to work with a mindset coach who focuses on the challenges that business owners tend to go through.

Mindset Business Coach
This type of coach may focus on healthy mindsets around mentoring, corporate relations, leadership or communicating in the business arena.

Success Mindset Coaching
A success mindset coach may specialise in dealing with self-sabotage, limiting beliefs or setting and reaching specific goals.

Performance Mindset Coaching
If you’re someone who struggles to perform on the big stage or deliver their best on a consistent basis, this type of coach could be the one for you.

Positive Mindset Coaching
If you’ find yourself constantly making fear-based decisions, this is likely to affect you in all areas of life. In such a situation, positive mindset coaching could be better suited for you.

#9 Mindset Coaching For Whosoever It Works For

Although a mindset coach may strive to help any client, there are definitely types of people who will arrive to better results from this type of therapy.

The ideal client would be:

Being open-minded;
Willing and able to change and accept other perspectives;
ready to accept responsibility for their own happiness;
someone who believes they have the potential to reach their goals.

#10 The Best Mindset Coaches

Although the term ‘mindset coach’ might be new to you, it could be that you know some of the world’s most recognised and successful coaches.

If you were to study the work of these individuals, you would know what mindset coaching is.

Dionne Williams. Dionne provides visionary consulting, strategy & mindset coaching for ambitious high achieving professionals & entrepreneurs who wish to know how to effectively structure & sell their know how, coaching or training programs.

Dionne works with both aspiring & experienced entrepreneurs who have ambitions to grow or scale. 

Lisa Nichols walks her talk when it comes to an abundant mindset. Today she is a hugely successful entrepreneur, life coach, and CEO of one of the first publicly traded self-development companies. But there was a time when she was a young single mom who was so broke she couldn't buy diapers for her baby.

Dr Wayne Dyer. The late Wayne Dyer wrote more than 40 books on personal development, including 21 New York Times Best Sellers. In his later years, he focused almost exclusively on helping people see and improve their self-concept.

Werner Erhard. Werner is perhaps best known for founding Erhard Seminars Training (est). The purpose of these events was to transform the way people see and make sense of life.

Tony Robbins. Tony is widely regarded as the most popular motivational speaker in the world. He’s perhaps most well-known for transforming his clients’ mindsets and giving them a fresh perspective on life.

Les Brown delivers one of the most epic, motivational speeches ever with his Georgia Dome speech. He was born in an abandoned building in Liberty City with his twin brother and given up for adoption at six weeks old. Growing up he had learning disabilities, was held back twice and declared the “dumb twin” by a teacher in middle school.

But in high school, a different teacher gave him the inspiration to change his life forever and has gone on to achieve massive success. Les Brown is a famous speaker, author, and former politician and TV host.

Any questions?

I hope you enjoyed this list of important mindset coaching facts.

Now you know a bit more about what you’d get out of this coaching, the question is: do you think it would help you?

Or do you have any other questions about this coaching style?

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