How to Know What JV Notify Pro Products to Promote

 An affiliate who is just starting out with no list can still easily make commissions. i started this with Clickbank products as well as a few other products that you see featured in The New York Times best seller. The LapTop Millioinaire (Page 77)

You can find plenty of smaller sized product launches that get featured on JVNP, so you won’t have very fortunate without a list with those. Its best to pick out the bigger launches instead, the ones run by authority names and/or supported by big names.

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Bigger launches generate more traffic due to the number of the people involved. The product owner will create plenty of buzz with their pre-launch stuff that will cause people to talk about it on blogs, forums etc, and create bonus offers. You don’t get that stuff happening with smaller launches, so you should avoid those unless you have a list.

It can be tough without a list, especially when you’re just starting out. But after a first few tries, you’ll understand how to pick the right launches and how to make money from them without a list.


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