Influencing and Impacting Without Imposing | Dr. Myles Munroe

Thank you for joining us for another power-packed message provided by monroe global, incorporated and monroe global. We transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change. We hope that this message is a blessing to you as you advance your life and discover your purpose. Now. Let’s go into the message with the impact of the kingdom of God’s government in our contemporary world on how that happens, and so we want to deal with the the strategy of God, which is really we don’t hear much about from the purpose of our churches.

The strategy of God we have with the power of God we hear about the anointing of God. We hear about the grace of God, but what about the strategy and strategy is more important than power. It’s more important than the anointing, it’s more important than grace. It’s more important than the Great Commission even strategy is, is the key that determines whether you succeed or fail and everything you do in life. You should have a strategy in place, and so strategy has to do with how I intend to achieve something. You know what to achieve. You know what you’re supposed to do. You have the equipment, you have the resources, you get the power, but have you figured out how you’re going to do it and one of the ways that we have been taught in the kingdom of God to effectively carry out?

The Great Commission is, through this word, influence writer with influence. Now an influence is more important than power, so one of the keys we need to learn is how do you achieve influence and they’re two specific things I can give you 20 of them, but there’s two specific ones that I want you to remember.

First, what gives you influence is success if you succeed in any area of life, it makes you influential. So it is important for you to achieve success in an area of life. That’s a struggle for some people, but I want you to know that is one of the keys to influence.

The second key to influence is wealth, wealthy people have influence, and I prefer to define and maybe even give that wealth. A little criteria. Honest wealth, honest wealth, makes you influential and what else success so don’t try to be influential. It’s not there. That’s not the key. You can’t decide one day, I’m going be an influencer. It doesn’t work that way.

What you got to do is focus on being successful in an area of life. Ask God to give you wisdom to gain wealth. The world. The system of the earth respects those two things: success and influence, and so we’re going to talk about the kingdom of God influencing the world.

You have to focus on what makes a person influential. For example, David was an unknown little shepherd boy, no influence, and in one day he became influential how he succeeded in solving a problem that the nation couldn’t solve. He killed the giant that was threatening his country. Little boy kill the Giant in one day he becomes the hero of the country, automatically became influential Solomon, never killed the Giant. It’S not a fact. There’S no record in the Bible of Solomon: even going to war, he was not a fighter, but Solomon inherited wealth and the Bible says the kings of the earth came looking just enough audience with him. One of them. You know well right who was that the Queen of Sheba and she came because of his wealth and his wisdom and by the way, those two things always go together, the more wisdom you have, the more wealth you accumulate. That’s why Solomon did not ask God for wealth. He asked God for wisdom, which will always attract wealth and Solomon became the most influential King in the history of Israel.

People came from around the world just to hear his wisdom, so in this class we’re talking about ten keys to integrate an impact national and state government through influence. How are you going to influence your world effectively? Why would people seek you out? Why should they seek your wisdom? Why should they submit to your words? Why would they want to hear your words there’s influence somewhere? Why would people pay you to perform your gift because there’s influence somewhere, and how do you do that? I want to talk about cultivating strategy for influencing systems and specifically tonight, how to influence the world through impact without imposition write that down how to impact without imposing and I’m using this specifically because the traditional religious person is an irritation to the world.

The world actually avoids most religious people. I do also because they are very irritating people, they impose their thoughts on you. They invade you with tracks. They tell you your destination without even invitation, they say you go into hell. They tell you how bad you living and how evil what you’re doing are by the time they’re finished. You don’t want to be in their presence, irritating people. So how do you impact the world without imposing yourself on the world and offending the world? This is the challenge and I think our focus have to be then on wisdom, wisdom for influence. This is part two then, and our specific focus tonight is the keys to influence and impacting that or imposing impacting without imposing none of us like anyone to impose on us. No one likes that, so why do we do it? Why turn people off.

We actually irritate the people trying to reach people avoid us who supposed to be attracted to us and – and we somehow, because we fail in that we try to justify it and call it persecution. I call it stupidity because of your ignorance. People avoid you well, let’s learn how to change that, how to change that. First of all, let’s talk about the passion of God, God’s number, one passion is to manifest the influence and again, the word that I want you to Keyon is influence.

God’s passion is to manifest the influence of the Kingdom of Heaven and its culture on earth. How, through colonizing the earth with the kingdom of heaven – and let me stress here that the goal of God is culture –  culture has to do with environment in which something grows. The word cult actually means to grow. People think it’s a negative word to culture means to create the environment in which the thing grows. God’S plan is to create the environment of heaven on earth, in which everything and it’s supposed to grow within that environment. That’s why the first word God uses for adam’s environment is the word Eden. Eden is not a place. You cannot find the place called Eden, it doesn’t exist and no archaeologists have ever found. Even because Eden is a culture, God planted a garden, it doesn’t mean that God planted trees. The word planet means to organize and garden means, structure or order. God created an environment of order and then put the man in it, and then he says multiply this all over the planet, teller or it becomes like this spot this environment.

So here’s some to write down

  1. culture is not inland, it is in people.

I said it before but write it down. You got to get it in your spirit, whereas culture, it’s in people, it’s in people, so we want to bring a culture to a place. You got to bring the people there. The Romans did a research on this. That’s why the Romans, I think, were the most successful colonizers in history and did some research and did some years ago for for my books, and I discovered that the Romans figured out that if you get 300 people in one place, you’ll control the culture. The Romans developed that concept, so they wanted to do to control a certain area of that of the Empire. They would send 300 Romans to live there apparently 300 is enough to create and control the environment that actually transforms that location. So if you get one person that come into your town and then from a different country, it doesn’t bother you too much if you get 20 of them no problem, if you get 300, you got yourself a village.

They bought to change the world in your world. That’s why there’s a Chinatown in Los Angeles and a Cuban town in Florida and they get an Italian town in New York and you go to these places and you think you are in Italy or in Cuba, because there are enough people there to control the culture. Those people didn’t decide to control the culture, it’s just that it was so many of them that they began to express it among themselves and it became the environment of which everything they do grows.

Everybody sit with me. Okay, God’s plan was to fill the earth with the culture of heaven. Where does God do he sends his own children to live here? And then he told them multiply fast, because the more of you who multiply, who are from heaven you’re going to, actually fill the earth with the glory the culture of Heaven. The word glory has to do with culture, so God’s divine idea is to fill the earth with his culture. If you want to know what my strategy is before, I die my strategy before I die is I want to live long enough to see enough Kingdom people in a place that the place changes into heaven. That’s my dream.

In other words, I’d like to see so many Kingdom citizens in government they’ve even ain’t – got to try to change laws. The culture itself will inform the laws those people make so not in position anymore, its influence. Now, let’s talk about the goal, then of influence. The goal of God is what influence not imposition. We are not supposed to attack people you’re not supposed to offend people. They know the best example of hood of influence. Is this when I was in now in high school here in the Bahamas? I had a teacher. Her name was Mrs Hannah she was our biology, teacher and science teacher and one day she did an experiment. It was a very terrible experiment, but it worked. She brought a frog to the class of frog and then she put one of the flasks on the Bunsen burner. You know what a Bunsen burner is right. She filled a container with water and she put it onthe Bunsen burner and it began to bubble. It was hot boiling and then she took another flask with water and just rested it next to it.

She took the frog that she had and put it in the hot water, when his body hit the water the frog leaped out of the water automatically jumped onto the table. She picked him up again caught him in the hot water. The frog jumped out of the water, then that heat hit the body of that frog. He instinctively jumped out of the water and landed on the table on the desk, and then she took the Frog and put him in the nice cool flask of water and the Frog began to rise to the top and he swam around happy And then she took the frog in that flask and put it on the Bunsen burner and the Frog just kept on swimming joyfully. Happy and the water keeps getting warm and then hot and the Frog didn’t even know he just enjoying swimming around and the broader one began to boil and the frog was boiled to death never jumped out, and there was an example of influence you can attack or You can influence, God doesn’t want you to be off water when you burn everybody around you, because you’re so anointed, he wants you to be so comfortable for them to be with that when they find out who you are it’s too late, and when you find out What you’ve done to them? They are happy, you were there.

This is influence, write this down. The purpose and plan of God was to influence the earth kingdoms expand with their culture, and the culture permeates every where it is, and it influences that and colonizes it. So the evidence of colonization is when the place becomes the culture of those who influence it. The kingdom of God is a country countries manifest the distinction by their culture. So the ultimate manifestation of a kingdom citizen is a unique culture. When I went to live in Oklahoma to go to school, I went from there to there Miller from Beantown and we say well, it’s like Bowie and you know I’m damned.

This is foreign language to our visitors, of course. Anyhow, after the first year, I began to hear them the the language of miles change and a recent use. Weesa called you know like a girl in our country in the Bahamas. We call him, we call it the boy psalm and we call it a woman, Mary and after the second year in college I said Sam because they didn’t understand Psalm. I ran away and the crowd started working on me. So slowly.  I was faced to say Sam because they kept being confused when I say Psalm, so the culture gradually worked on me until the sound was normal. Mary was normal, but by the time I was there for seven eight years Sam was normal.

I came back home and my family said: why are you saying, Sam? It’s Sam? I was cultured in another culture because I was there too long since you’ve been a kingdom citizen. Has your language changed? Do you still use foul language? Do you still gossip? Do you still lie? These are language problems? Do you exaggerate? Are you in the culture of heaven, where you tell the truth all the time, even if it gets you in trouble, even if it loses you money? What’s your language like the evidence of colonization is culture, and this is God’s plan now very quickly? There are lot of nations in the world are struggling and we are a nation as Kingdom people.

I want to list quickly, all nature’s are experiencing what I call change and we got ta learn to adapt to those changes, but not a doctor. I want to list some of the changes for you:

  • political confusion
  • constitutional revision
  • social transition
  • Ideological reinvention, very important.

Our ideological reinvention is important. They are reinventing ideologies, philosophical instability, people, ain’t sure. What their philosophy is any more moral manipulation is a big one. They are changing. Morals, values, vacillation, true, values are changing religious conflict. Obviously, you know, I think, when Isis or ISIL the group that they was dealing with a few years ago as religious conflict by the way, this can be a real difficult one for the world, because you can’t fight religion with a bullet scientific changes, technological advancement, economic interdependence as a big One as globalization and then redefinition of turns orb or a big one.

Now that’s the world. You got to deal with and influence that world. The definition of terms is a big one too, because they’re trying to redefine sects, trying to redefine marriage, trying to redefine meal, trying to redefine female trying to redefine a family they trying to be defined everything. How do you live and influence that world without imposing yourself on them? I got some answers for you, so this is the kind of world we live in now. I want to give you this very quickly, because again, this is how you define how you approach influencing the world. You got to understand the world. When I studied history, they gave us some terminology to describe the different ages of history. They call it. First of all, the Renaissance Age, you begin with the caveman Age, of course, the caveman Age. Then you had the agrarian age with hundred agriculture and then, of course, you have what they called the technological age, but 1900 age of the Renaissance than the age of reason. The modern age, the postmodern age, the age of secularism, the scientific age, the age of enlightenment as a big one, they talk about the humanistic society age.

This is one that came up  lately, the new normal. What is new? Normally, you better understand it, and the last one is the age of experimentation. That’s one that Myles Munroe invented to describe the present world. We are in the world of the age of experimentation. We don’t know what we’re doing so. We experiment with everything, and this has to do with with policies and government and business and family and education and laws and morals and values we experimenting and this experimentation is dangerous because we can’t predict the outcome. Most experiments begin with an assumption. Am i right scientists? You assume something for it or you presume something for you and then you set up an experiment to prove it. We are doing something that violates even science. We are experimenting with out an assumption.

We don’t know where it’s headed, for example, two men bringing up a little girl as a married couple. We have no idea what that girl will turn out like, but we experimenting because we have no evidence anywhere to prove what the end product should be and we don’t know whether it will be a disaster or success. So we experimenting and we call that you know modern age, modern, family, different terminologies, I’m creating a picture for you, because I want you to understand the world you got to deal with, so we are witnessing changes where governments are collapsing. People are rising to power taking over their governments. International domestic terrorism, failed States, global economic crisis, massive unemployment, the fall of and disgrace of political leaders. Civic leaders and religious leaders be in a world where the change in the world is affecting our moral compass and we have transformation in traditional values and, of course, most of all, most of all, the collapse of sovereignty, which is a result of globalization.

Now, look at that world. You got to go into that world and influence that world. You cannot go in there with Dogma, they will eat you alive. You cannot go and ever call the scripture they’ll ignore you. So your wisdom has the beasts so strong that you know how to navigate that and influence it and that’s the challenge we have in carrying out the Great Commission. How do you influence without imposing we live in a world where people do not trust leaders anymore? Liberalism is a reality. Liberalism means everything, goes you sleep who you want to. You know you’re gon na you can marry a dull. If you want to, I mean just say, but it’s liberal, you know just do what you feel like lawlessness is common. Now everybody you know see them even give permission for a law to be broken now, and we justified world of permissiveness compromise immorality, reengineering of him of morality, culture of death, killing people is easy.

Today, you know every day someone gets killed in your community and you don’t think about it anymore. The spirit of death we’ve accepted as normal. Now the culture of violence, police, shooting people, people shooting police. You know man killing his wife. A son kills his father. I mean this violence has no limit and then, of course, we got disillusionment among the young people and the ultimate one is sexual and social confusion. People ensure which sex they are that’s the world. You got to go into, that’s the picture now. How do we respond to this mandate? First thing: you must confess the world cannot heal itself, that world that I just described cannot heal itself and that’s good news. That means that the solution to the earth problem is not on earth. So those who have a solution from another place, they are valuable, and that makes you valuable because you are from another place or can I say this way you reconnect it to the other place and you are in touch with the other place.

Therefore, you have you have access to resources that the earth doesn’t have. That’s why you are valuable. Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not important as a believer in Christ matter fact you are their salvation. You used to be just like them. You thought that foolishness was wisdom. Remember you think catching hell was having a good time. You remember yeah, so we are all fools temporarily until we meet wisdom and those who meet wisdom should go back and find the fools and that’s the Great Commission go and find your brother and your sister, who is still misguided, lost and blind. The world can’t heat itself and the problem is doing. Nothing is not an option. We have to do something about it and whatever you allow, you can never criticize. So we cannot just watch it happen.

Whatever you avoid, you can never change. We must not stay away from that mess, we have to go in there and at the same time we got to bail them. While they are in the water because they won’t accept the hot water. Don’t go into the world distributing tracts, that’s hot water. You could actually buy that one of my books and tell them as a gift. It’s not a trap. Have you ever seen those tracks they surrender you’re going to hell. I mean you, give a guy a truck you’re going to hell come on man. I had a tough day, don’t give me this track, I feel like I’ve been in hell all day and my job. You know this there’s a bad time to give me a track like this, and so they jump out of the water instead of giving a track. Ask someone, if you could take them for lunch, see that’s putting him into water. I offer to pay their grocery bills and the food store that’s a little bit more.

Inviting than give me a track that says: go to hell. You know this is the spirit that we have, and you know remember this – that you must become the answer to the prayer of people. They’re praying for help become the help whatever you permit. You are responsible for you know. Presently, in the Bahamas, we were battling with this issue of gambling in the Bahamas, and people wonder why my position is very, very technical.

The reason is because all of us allowed it for 47 years. We allowed it and we didn’t rise up at any time and demanded that the government stopped it did. We did, we all agree, you’re trying to play innocent. Are we allowed it? So you can’t really blame anyone whatever you allow, you cannot criticize whenever you permit. You are responsible for so how do we go in there now and bring correction, and so my conclusion is you can let things happen or you can make things happen? I would prefer that we are of the people of initiative. I like this picture. If you want something in your life, you’ve never had. You have to do something. You’Ve never done, and I love that picture. You can take a leap and leave the others behind who don’t want to change the world.

They want to remain the safe place. You want to go out of the hot water. You want to go to the the unknown territory of influence. How do I make a difference in the world to win people to the kingdom of God? The number one word is wisdom. Proverbs chapter 11, we read his last week. I want to read it again. It says

“the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins Souls must be wise”

It didn’t say, “So he who is a good anointed preacher, win souls” or “he who can speak in tongues, win souls” or “he Who can handle tracts? Skillfully will win souls” so he didn’t go with the sinking win souls. He says he who is wise wisdom is an amazing thing.

You know the Bible calls Jesus the wisdom of God. It never says that Christ has wisdom, God has wisdom and Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God in action. Okay, let me ask you: how did God send Jesus into the earth to save the world? If you study it you’ll be amazed. First of all, he didn’t come as God, that’s wisdom. If you got to win the people, you can’t send someone that they will be afraid of hello, so the balance is God, God, the almighty, powerful, omnipotent one who cannot be.

God became a man and you thought he was your brother, that’s wisdom.  I’m gonna become just like them. They won’t even know it’s me until it’s too late. Do you know why? because God actually tried the boiling water before: do you remember when they were in the desert?

Right God told Moses, tell the people to come out to the desert and meet me at that mountain over there. I want to speak to them directly. That was the command, so Moses told the people tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, at 3 o’clock wash your clothes everybody wash their bodies be gone before the holy God. We got ta meet that mountain and he said specifically at 3 o’clock. We go to the mountain gods. He will come down and he would speak to all the people, so everybody washing their clothes the next day and they got all their white robes and everything and everybody went there and they were waiting for God and the Bible says, and the Lord descended upon the Mountain and what happens? There was lightning and thunder and earthquakes and the rocks fell and the earth began to quake and things began to fall apart and the people turn around and run as possibly they could away from God, and the Bible says they hid in their tents and while they Were running they shouted Moses. You talk to him now, keep in mind, God wanted to speak to them personally, so he came down in his awesome form and they arrived the very God that delivered them.

They ran. I wonder many people run from you when you show up to work when your Bible and you quoting scripture around the warehouse and how many of you do you run away from you in the boardroom, because you keep talking about the scripture say so God decided. I ain’t trying that no more this time when I go, I’m gonna be one of them. They even ain’t gon na realize the difference. Let me quote what John said John said, and the word became flesh watch this and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory as of the only begotten son of the father. In other words, we were able to look at God, the God of God, and not be afraid this time.

Do you chase people because you manifest thee in the name of Jesus or do you say can have some water? Please it sounds familiar. God walked up to a woman and asked for a glass of water influence, not power, wisdom, not volume. How loud you can talk, how boisterous you can be. How right you think you are slow down. Wisdom wins souls take another this one. This is very important. Matthew. 10, he says I send you forth as sheep, in the midst of wolves, so be there for what there’s that word again wise as serpents and harmless as a dove he’s. Given you instruction take that t-shirt off that says Jesus Lord, you are going to have you. Don’T believe in him take it off. This is the problem of influence. You cannot influence people who move away from you. Will you chase you? You cannot improve people who are afraid to be around you.

There are some Saints I don’t want to be around. They even frightened me excuse me, I’m gone. Excuse me ma’am, you got issues. Excuse me, sir. In people, don’t understand it’s not about how loud or how boisterous you are. It’s. How wise you are. Don’t ever tell a sinner that they are a sinner. Do you know why they know you tell like? I was smoking, you shouldn’t smoke, the guy knows you’re in smoke. Even the Senate know is bad for him, so that the smoking is not the problem. If I’m in pain, you say: well you in vain. You ain’t helping me I Norman Maine. I don’t need confirmation of my sin. I need help as wise as serpents harmless as doves.

Now I want to show you why you must be careful, because if you offend a person, you can’t win them. I want to repeat this again: it says in proverbs 18 verse, 19. Her brother offended is harder to win than a city with walls that word strong City means city with walls around it.. A person offended is harder to win and the result is what contention they will fight when you argue with you, they will test you. They wouldn’t resist you, why it’s contention, because you offended them. I think the key to my success with with the situation I get involved in is because I understand what I’m teaching you. I understand the dynamics of influence the wisdom of influence, but the purpose and goal of influence write this down, and this is very getting now to the practical stuff. Okay, write this down:

  1. what’s the purpose and goal for influence

First, to communicate the message of the kingdom to the marketplace, and that means every marketplace: whether it’s politics or business or law, or health and medicine or education or mechanics or technology or Mason’s or Construction would ever field you go in with your gift. That’s the place you supposed to bring influence to communicate the kingdom to the marketplace.

2.  communicate in the language of that marketplace.

That means you got to study the language of that marketplace. Get a copy of the last session place where they talk a lot about language. Remember the language yes every profession has its own language and, if you’re going to influence that profession, you must study the language of it. Law has its own language. Medicine has its own language. Entertainment has its own language. Technology has its own language, so you can’t just go into any market, and so you’re gonna be a witness because you don’t understand their language. What I have done – and I continue to do everyday – is I keep studying the language of as many markets as possible because I figure the Apostle Paul was good at it. The Apostle Paul says I become all things to all men, but I may win some of them to the Jew. I become a Jew, legenda become a gender nervous. I learned their language and their culture.

3. convince people not to offend them

4. Impact people not impose on them.

I wish I could take some of you with me in the environment where I go. You know my wife and I we went to Malaysia. It is illegal to witness in Malaysia. You will actually go to jail. Did you know that in Malaysia? It’s illegal? You cannot talk about Jesus to anyone in Malaysia, it’s against the law, it’s a Muslim country. So now they invited me to come and speak Hey and guess what invited me first. They invited me to speak to the judges of the courts, so when this hotel room room full of judges, this is the people who put you in jail. They said we want to do a seminar with them on leadership for the whole day.

Then they took us to the Sony manufacturing plant where they make televisions and cameras and all that stuff, and they said you got two thousand workers here. You got to train them and you got to train fifty or sixty managers. And then you got to talk to the presidents of the companies for a whole day, and you cannot mention God and Jesus. I said, give me the microphone when I was finished. They invited me back after every session. They ran outside and bought all my books. I booked full of Jesus now I date Omegan top Jesus, so high a problem, so I spoke for hours and never quoted a scripture. Can you do that and I spoke their language. I spoke business and economics and science. I spoke management principles and an investment principles. I spoke with leadership and it was powerful and they said, come back and they bought all my books we sold out. Then I left and I started getting emails. I read your book on leadership and I realized that Islam is not the answer. You open my eyes. I made a commitment to Jesus, but I cannot tell my family because I will be thrown out of my family. I will lose my marriage, but I just wrote you to tell you that I made a commitment to Christ. No imposition impact no imposition I didn’t impose when my beliefs were on them. My beliefs came out in my principles. Do you know they kept saying to me? Where did you learn this and I’d say I’d had a young rabbi as a mentor. This is amazing information. You have yes, my rabbi was a Jewish mentor. He mentored me number five. The goal is to create what reason, not rejection. This is very complicated here at top of this later on, but appeal to people’s reasons. Every human being on earth has a reason to believe what they believe and if you ignore their reason they will not listen to you.

They’ll reject you. Do you know somebody gets there. Someone says I’m an atheist. Don’t ignore that, there’s a reason why they believe they? What they believe, so what to do is ask them. Why are you and ideas? You never even thought to ask the question: did you you aren’t talking right away? You know, God made the heavens, who you think rated you no, no, like the guy has a reason. Why, I don’t believe in God so ask it what’s the reason you came to this conclusion and his answer may blow your mind and actually explain to you, you stop believing with God. Also, I’m an atheist talk to me and when they told me why they became non-believers, I said I agree with you brother that experience you had, I don’t believe in God either. If I was you, you don’t know either what had better people been through? This guy’s mother was killed in front of him, raped and killed.

He was seven years old and she told him that God loves her and loves him and he watch her, get killed and raped the guys they told God go to hell, there’s no god, but my God didn’t save my mother. I said I see why you don’t believe in God. I understand all of a sudden. He liked me. I said if I was you I wouldn’t believe in God, either man, because God abandoned your family, so he became friends became a believer two years later. Out of the friendship, I’m a prostitute. Why was the reason? How do you become a street woman, I’m homosexual, prostitute, young man. Why do you sell your body dirt of men? There’s a reason accident? I saw you influence people write this down. The goal is to win friends, not converts. What did I say? That’s what you want to do when you go to work tomorrow, you won’t go down and window converse to Christ, wrong approach. You want to win friends, the Bible says the wounds of a friend are faithful. That means, once you become a friend with someone, you can rebuke them and they’ll. Thank you. If you, my friend, I listen to you. If you, my friend, you gain my confidence and if i confide in you, I will tell you my reasons i’ll open up to you. Every person that Jesus influenced he made him a friend first. Can I have some water please.

He knew this. Women had five husbands in you before he met her, never brought it up. Can I have some water, please. He never said I am God. I can walk on the water watch this. No, he said caught any fish. How did y’all do today? I miss him. Their problem was what no fish. So he talked about what fish? How problem was what no water he talked about? What water? I didn’t ask you about God. Why offering me God? I can’t be my light. Beer. Let’s talk about bills. Do you understand you make a friend when you become interested in their interests?

He just gave you a key. You didn’t write it down. Imma say it again. You make a friend when you become interested in the other person’s interests. I walked into an office today. I was in radio program this morning and after radio program I went to, I was taken to meet the new general manager of this media house and a nice young man and he’s the most powerful man in that particular organization down there. And so I right away. I said I got ta make him my friend, so I walked into the place, and I said good morning is a good morning and I sat there for 30 minutes asking him questions about himself by the time I finished he was following me out the door. I didn’t want me to leave why because it wasn’t about me. Some people can’t wait to leave your presence because we are irritations. Man make a friend before I make a convert and it may take two years for them to believe you did. You know that Jesus Christ never made an altar call, matter of fact. He never spoke to them. Plainly. He spoken these little parables and they couldn’t understand. Then he left now. One time they decided became so upset at him for doing that. They said why do you speak appeared improbable, I speak to us plainly. He said because they ain’t ready to hear yet most of the people you meet changed in your testimony. Theyre already here if they’re looking for a friend, that’s all some of them to talk about their interest influence. When I walk into a prime minister’s office, Prime Minister, I sit down and I start talking huh, sir how’s, your family, Oh fine, my wife is fine. I got four children good. How old are they five, seven and six great? So let’s go to school and in two minutes, I’m in his house. In his mine never talked about me of why I came there one hour later, he’s opening up every this life to me, and I asked him: oh so why’d you had a politics. What was your motivation? I want to help my country. What do you do before that? I was a teacher great? Oh you, an educator, I’m an education too, so how’s the education system in your country, every one of them want me to come back right now.

All these are his state separate, I’m going back to them again open over again. Why? Because they like me and they’re, coming to the kingdom just like flies, you don’t attack people. You want to help you love them creatively have had no man in this. You lay your life down for these people. Forget your life and lay it down. Lay it down wake on this influence principles of presentation. How do you present yourself to people? This is practical number one understand their concepts. If you go into politics, you better study. Politics understand the concept of politics: you going into the law, understand law, the concept of law. If you go into medicine, understand this, you going into mechanics, understand mechanics you’re, going into education you’re going into the sports world. You better understand the concepts in that area. Number two never confuse truth with Scripture text. The way you’re influenced people is not quoting scripture, you know somehow. We believe that the actual sentence is the Word of God and that’s not true.

The truth is the principle in the sentence. You get Spanish Bibles, English Bibles. French Bibles Portuguese Bibles mandarin Bibles. These are all these different Bibles. So if the text is holding than me and a problem here, truth is not in text. It’s in the principle. That’s why I could teach a group of Muslim judges and never mention Jesus out loud or refer to Scripture and teach them everything in the Bible and they say well to get his wisdom from don’t confuse truth with scripture text from God so loved the world that He died for you, man does John 3:16, they don’t want here there. You tell them another statement. Do you know? Are you happy with your life? Do you know why you were born? I believe you were born for a reason and just like no car is known. Better than the manufacturer knows it, I believe that someone created you and they know you better than anyone else. That’s for God, so loved the world. They can identify with a manufacturer. The Christ came to earth. Today he was talking he’ll talk. You talk about about Twitter, he’ll, be tweeting all the time, he’ll be hash tagging we are so hung up on text that we even sound silly. Have you ever heard someone prophesy today in these churches they were heard and prophesy is incredible. They prophesy in 16th century English yay. I, the LORD thy God said, unto thee that thou shalt not do this. Yes, yay yay, yay yay shut up man.

That is not what you supposed to say in the 21st century: yay thou, the Lord sayeth comes from the 16th century. It didn’t come from heaven, it came from England, that’s where they spoke back then. So here you are. You speak English. You know, God says that we shouldn’t do this. No just say that don’t say hi, the LORD thy. God say that thou shalt not do this thing. That dolls about to do say the Lord amen. Listen, it’s the same thing. Don’t do it! Why you, shifting back into the 16th century, to make yourself sound spiritual, now wonder why they call you archaic, because you are, do you understand what I’m saying the truth is not into it.

The truth is in the text. It is not the text, and so when you’re sharing and you’re in there you could actually cool scripture. Every word you say, and they would even know you say in it, go after the principal at least the number 3,

3 Never confuse semantics with substance.

You know we. We so hung up on on the actual words of the Bible. We miss the actual substance of the statement, something more important than semantics and before identify with the interest of the market, I mentioned that before. If you’re going to present yourself to the world to bring influence in the marketplace in government and business, whatever you get in there, you understand that marketplace identify with the interests of the market. I went to talk to the prime minister of Curacao. My wife was with me, and I think a couple of the folks were in there with me and they want to see how how how awesome I was gon na deal with this. First of all, I never introduced myself as a pastor, but that’s what I am in the church, not outside the church, I’m a consultant, so I sit there before him as a consultant and identify his interests.

Mr Prime minister, how are you doing today, sir? Doing fine dr. Monroe fine? Is the prime minister uh how’s the economy? Well, the far you know the international crisis. The hit is pretty hard. Really was the major fallout. There are jobs, jobs, jobs. So what are your plans and programs to create more jobs and all of a sudden II realize I’m in his world? What’S the problem for the youth in the country and he talks for half an hour but youth now how he love to see them change? What programs are you putting in place to help them? You know we have some programs that may be helpful to you, Mr Bryan Meza. Really, yes, sir, all I could go there and say be the Prime Minister.

I came to pray for you because. I know Jesus love, your country, I want to pray, lay hands on you and anoint. You, Lord, could use you as a man of God to lead your country hallelujah. I need to say, as soon as he’s finished get the police, because he has no interest in my interests. Do you understand? And this is why some politicians avoid pastors, because the pastor is not skillful in wisdom. He doesn’t speak the language of that world.

5. Use illustrations from the market. You got to talk to people speak in terms, they understand. What would you understand when you listen to Jesus talk? It’s amazing.

This man talks so much about birds and flowers and and seeds, and insects and snake and and sheep. What’s going on because that’s where they live, they live in a farming culture. You didn’t say you know, I got a. You know a supernatural revelation to reveal to you hallelujah the osmosis of the cosmos. Or do you listen? You know you are like a seed and if you get some water and soil you grow, and God is the soil for you, you can grow out of him. You use illustrated on their market, I mean you can’t go in there quoting scripture and bring it up stories from the Bible. They don’t know the Bible is there they were reading.

I’M trying to show you how to influence load imposing and offending. If I’m in law then talk to me about legal illustrations, if I’m a fisherman talk about fish use your brains, we offend people, we speak foreign language to them.

6. focus on principles rather than facts.

This is a very important one, as I’m gonna spend a whole night on this one. One time, because this one is two key principles, are permanent. Facts are transient, so you don’t deal with facts. When you deal with people, they will fight your facts. They can even find facts to contradict your facts, but they can’t touch principles. You know my talk about natural law, that’s what I get mad at me and you wonder why to get mad at me in the papers. You know why there was no scripture text. In that statement I wrote on alternative lifestyle. No scripture, no reference to God. I said look. Nature has proven, so I didn’t think it’s gon na happen. It’s a principle. They got this yeah he’s just bad for us, so they call me stupid. That’s one thing it going, you know you can’t touch the fella. I waited for them to refute what I said. So I won’t bother to answer that waste my time.

These are angry people who got caught because I deal with principles. Two men cannot produce as a principle. It’S a no as a natural looking mad at me. That can happen, and you don’t need to believe in God to experience that dewitt principles, not facts. Number seven quote sauces as Authority, not as religion. I mean if you watch the Apostle Paul’s gird is to how I use scripture in the context of a professional environment. You’ll be amazed, you know one time  I was doing this and one of my mentees says: how did you do that? I said wisdom. Never read my books carefully. You read my books carefully. You’ll find it there’s no scripture in the face for chapters. Why? I don’t want nobody know the book until it’s too late and Strava did everything I do and all of my books begin with a story done nothing to do with the Bible.

I’m quoting sources from the Bible, but not as religious statements. The principle is more important than the person who said it. Truth is more important than text. How do you influence number eight coming down to the end? Please references in historical context, not religious context. This is very important now this way you get to do you got. Do you your research here, you know, I mean you can’t go into the world and you don’t you don’t understand the research of history. You got to be historically sound to win the world. Let me just turn TV off and read some of my books and read some other books and do some historical studies on human development, social development, economic development get some history.

When I talk about socialism and and when I talk about about these different things, it’s because I studied them, people listen to you. If you got historical context, do you understand the history of the Bible? Or do you only know the Bible? You got to understand the context so that you come out of life, not out of a book about making sense and number nine when you’re using quotes quote sources outside the Bible text. Also, the apostle forum was good at this. Remember the Apostle Paul, but many times he would say your poets says, and then he would quote their poets in Greece. They loved poetry, so paul understood all their poets. He memorized their poetry and he used it to win them. You know even a fool tells the truth, sometimes because he captures principles once in a while. So it’s okay to quote someone outside the book that validates what you’re saying it means the truth is permanent and it comes from a source that is valid.

Focus on kingdom values and morals, not traditions, much it would be called quote. Unquote. Christianity is tradition. People don’t want to hear about your tradition. They want to hear principles that work precepts that are valid. They want to know values and moral standards that are healthy for them and that’s how you work with people. What do you value? Let’S talk about that? There are some things that you believe that our tradition – they not actually biblical values, and you got to tell the difference, for example, don’t drink alcohol who says that the Bible talks about drinking alcohol. It simply says that you shouldn’t be ruled by it. Shouldn’t be a bitterly controlled by him, and so you get a tradition versus values and you get in trouble now, if you become an alcoholic, then you disobey in Scripture, you’re sinning because you shouldn’t become mastered by anything people say well, you know the Bible doesn’t say: don’t Smoke, marijuana yeah. You got that right, but the Bible says nothing should control your mind.

I think I talked about water could be anything if it controls your mind. God says it’s an abomination. If it affects your function, it’s an abomination, and that could be anything it could be too much food or just too much marijuana you eat so much food. You can’t get up and work. Let’s cluck me gluttony is listed as a sin. Eating too much drinking too much is the same, no matter what you drink, so the values are more important than the facts is the principle. That’s important and people are not stupid. They understand principles. That’s why sometimes we actually don’t like a person who understand principle because they can’t get away.

They love traditional people right. Let’s say you don’t smoke cigarettes show me. They know, you can’t show them so they say they. Maybe they won the argument. You’re so stupid. The Bible, doesnt say don’t smoke cigarettes, but here’s the principle. It says everything is permissible for me to do, but not everything is expedient and healthy. This makes sense when you’re sharing and presenting the kingdom of God, you share the kingdom values, not tradition, you got to be careful.

Thank you once again for listening to this message, as we hope that it has been a blessing to you. Our goal is to show you new paths and opportunities so that you can discover your purpose. It is your love, support.