I Tried Affiliate Marketing for a Week With $0

start affiliate marketing for a week 
with zero dollars and this is how it went yo what's up everybody tropic here back 
with a banger and in today's video i tried   affiliate marketing for one week with zero 
dollars and this is something ive wanted   to do for a while and finally got around to doing 
it and this should be interesting in the past i   tried print on demand with zero dollars and in 
the future i'm gonna be trying drop shipping   with zero dollars so we'll see how those go but 
affiliate marketing is something that is a big   wage right now and if you guys are not familiar 
with affiliate marketing it is basically where   you are selling somebody else's product typically 
digital however can be physical if it's an amazon   link something like that but usually it's going to 
be a digital product a different product usually   being a course or a value of some sort some sort 
of thing of making money online teaching other   people how to do the same thing um so it's a 
lot i'd say 90 percent of affiliate marketing   is a scam but uh we're gonna find out exactly 
whether you can actually do affiliate marketing   and do it with zero dollars because there are 
tons of videos on youtube there's tons of people   everywhere there's instagram meals now there's 
tech talks there's all sorts of crazy stuff that   says you can do affiliate marketing people making 
thousands of dollars a week we're here to find out   if that is possible using some of the methods that 
have been talked about by some of these people   we're also going to be trying it on instagram 
as well using a couple of my theme pages that i   have that are in a higher niche too which is why i 
built them up for this particular reason so we're   going to see how this goes let's get straight 
on into it all right so to start this off we're   going to be trying to figure out what products 
we're going to be selling and from what sort of   affiliate vendor basically now i tried clickbank 
okay i tried to make clickbank account three times   every time i tried to finish it and finish it 
there was i was putting an address or something   every time i would finish my sign up it would 
say something like your account just cannot   be created there is errors so i gave up on 
clickbank i've had a digi store 24 account   for a while and i just used that basically i did 
try purefly and jvzoo however when i did sign up   for jvzoo i ended up having to create a whole 
paypal business account that i did not intend   on creating but i ended up doing it anyway so now 
i have one of those because i just wanted to see   what was in the marketplace for jvzoo and what i 
saw was not quite what i was looking for now in   jvzoo there's a lot of health stuff health niche 
is probably one of the biggest affiliate marketing   uh niches there is of course then there's the 
wealth there's business there's spirituality   and all sorts of stuff different random things 
that also maybe you wouldn't really think about   there's email marketing there's just all sorts 
of stuff that you can do for affiliate marketing   like i said though i didn't particularly care for 
jvzoo so i did all my products from digistore24.   and before we get into that first off i'm going 
to watch some youtube videos here and see if i   can learn a couple things pick up on a couple 
websites because we are doing the zero dollars   so we got to figure out how we're going to drive 
traffic to our links we now have from digital   24.

So i went on youtube and i searched up how to 
make money uh from affiliate marketing with free   ads and i ended up finding out a couple websites 
are pretty popular classified ads and a free ad   form and of course i went ahead and i actually 
people seem to think that these classified ads   are very good now apparently there's tons 
and tons of these websites you can go on to   some videos had just a whole list of them you can 
go on them and just copy and paste copy and paste   copy and paste however i wasn't really going to 
do all that because i didn't think that if it's   not going to work on these top two websites i 
don't think it's gonna work any other ones and   there were some secret hacks where people would 
be doing stuff in the youtube comment section   little sneaky stuff it's kind of interesting but 
i didn't quite get into all that i wasn't about to   do all that a little too sketchy for me of course 
there's email marketing and there's all sorts of   other things where you can just you know whatever 
you collect emails and then then you have to do   your affiliate marketing from there i think that 
takes a little bit of work as well so if you're   really going to be into this invested into this 
definitely take time and try to learn how to do   that and get more involved i think in the email 
marketing but you're going to need a lot a lot   of numbers a lot of people are going to see it 
because it's going to be a very low click-through   rate not only very little click-through rate but 
a very low purchase rates extremely low at least   that's from my opinion my experience here and what 
i've seen so you're gonna need a lot of eyes to be   on your product and on your link all right 
so i continued to watch a couple videos   and uh here's a little blurb uh recorded 
live as i was chilling on my bed over here i'm trying to put in his work right now man look 
at this i'm on the grind right now just chilling   watching videos trying to get things set up you 
guys are going to see the footage but man this   is this stuff gets a little complicated we'll see 
how this goes hope you guys enjoyed that i was a   little uh overwhelmed in the beginning but sorry 
and honestly i was kind of dreading doing this   because it just did not seem like a very good 
business model and for me personally my end   goal is to run my own business or my own brand to 
be a product i actually enjoy and really do like   do drop shipping i'm gonna be doing some stuff 
that maybe i wouldn't necessarily want to build   a long-term brand around but i definitely want to 
do that at some point and build a actual brand and   run a physical not a physical business running an 
actual business in affiliate marketing although   it might make you some cash on the side and you 
know get you maybe some possibly some easy money   for me it's just not exactly what i want to do 
but for this video we definitely want to try it   out and see how much money we could make with it 
especially putting zero dollars into it honestly i   wouldn't see any reason to really pay money to do 
facebook ads anything like that for this affiliate   marketing you definitely could don't see quite the 
reason to do that because i think there are a fair   amount of free methods to do this can work anyway 
let's get back into what we were doing here i   made up my own titles and then my descriptions and 
stuff what i was going to put the post and i tried   it on craigslist i know even though they said they 
don't like it tried it and of course i think my   post got denied something like that so but i did 
try it and i found a quora that said yeah they   absolutely hate it so from what i originally 
thought i started on craigslist didn't they   didn't like it money from home you know offering 
a job they didn't quite like that so i had three   products that i was selling three ads that i was 
running here and that was a youtube course uh by   matt parr i think and then it was a crypto course 
and then it was a instagram page like making money   through instagram course as well that i'd do so 
i was doing three courses uh through digistore24   then i went ahead and hopped onto the free 
classified ad form thing and then i also did   classified ads and i ran i did it on both however 
i had a problem with the free ad form i did all   three posts however when i went to my account 
they did not show up under anything and i thought   it was just me because the first day they weren't 
showing up i checked a couple days later they did   not show up the post i don't know what happened 
to them i have no clue i couldn't see insights   considering i didn't see the post anywhere so i 
have no idea what happened to them i like i said   i posted three of them i don't know what happened 
to them that's finance.com i couldn't see that   and we'll get the results in just a minute but 
that did work and then of course i did try putting   some stuff on facebook marketplace that's the hot 
place to sell stuff and yeah they didn't quite get   approved so um but i did give it a shot i tried 
wording it very carefully so it wouldn't be   taken down or in the review phase it wouldn't be 
blocked but unfortunately it didn't quite work out   here on my instagram cleaning page here 
luxurious i ran multiple ads here over   the past week i'm now over 10k on this page so 
i can have a swipe up link and i did use that   and i also put in my descriptions and pretty 
much every one of my posts you check out the   link in bio if they wanted to make passive income 
or just give a little spiel for them to check the   link in the bio so they would get to that product 
and potentially buy it to make money on instagram   that's the main thing i was selling there and then 
i also did this on my motivational pages it is   slowly growing and that is actually part of the 
instagram business that i was running if you   guys have been a power channel for a little while 
now there's a series called starting an instagram   business and um this was going to be a little part 
of that and then of course that video has not come   out yet and i'm still in the process of working on 
that i've been very busy have not paid attention   to that page very much but i did try to use 
two these two pages with you know motivational   entrepreneur type followers hopefully drive some 
traffic you know with these high-end followers   and get some purchases you'll see i got about 
67 website taps something like that i got a fair   amount of clicks i didn't get a ton but i got a 
fair amount and then also then i also got a dm   from somebody because i put up a story ad dm me 
money get the conversation going that's another   tactic that i see and i even talked with this 
one guy about it i think it's the similar page   to mine he said that he uses the dming to make it 
build like a little more trust with the individual   i gave that a shot and i got somebody to dm me 
money sent the link and i kind of gave him a   little and said hey like course kind of teaches 
you how to run theme pages tells you everything   you know i know that's how you can make money on 
instagram so i didn't respond to it i don't know   if they clicked it i have no clue but let's hop 
into the results from the classified ads now of   course the classified ad forum that one listings 
disappeared so we have no idea what happened with   those listings unclassified as we can go check 
that out and see how those did so you'll notice   here all three ads that we put up on this website 
had just one view and that was the initial posting   which was my view it is time to head in the 
results from digital 24 to see the entire clicks   sales and everything all together let's get right 
into it the last seven days we got 31 clicks down   a little bit now i'm going to be including all 
the results i'm going to kind of give you guys   an idea of i've been trying this for a while and 
i've been working on this my one page affluent.est   that is part of the instagram business series 
that i'm trying to get going here with a struggle   trying to get some content for because i have not 
made any real progress with it i've been trying   affiliate marketing and now currently i'm trying 
a little bit put down the man with it it doesn't   work then i'm going to hop onto something else 
i really thought affiliate marketing would be   the answer here but as you're going to see the 
results get zero dollars in earnings so that's   very unfortunate but it kind of is what it is 
this past week that we grind it out put out   some ads and some free ad forms like i said before 
earlier in the video if we put it on 70 different   platforms maybe somebody would view it maybe 
somebody would buy something but i thought the   instagram stuff would really give me a good shot 
instagram affiliate marketing it's very popular   and it seems to work for some people definitely 
needed to give it a shot and i did and i could not   make a sale i don't know honestly like i've been 
struggling to make sales online whether it's my   print on demand or my affiliate marketing not kind 
of drop shipping yet so we'll see how that goes i   think that's going to be where i hit it big but 
you see since this account was created i had 167   clicks i haven't made a single sale let's just say 
get another 30 views and i get one at you know 200   and so we're just going to kind of play it along a 
little bit here but conversion rate would be less   than a percent and of course that's not very good 
numbers you know you're going to be aiming for i'd   say probably a high end five percent you know you 
want to be at least like two percent even that's   pretty low you want to get it even higher but i 
think for this affiliate marketing a good name   would be two to three percent i don't know and of 
course we didn't even come close we came close to   well for zero percent so i guess we didn't really 
come close at all but who knows you guys think i   thought i did a pretty good job of hoarding 
everything my ads that i kind of did how i   worded things and just trying to be proactive on 
the instagram stuff stories using their using the   tools that they gave me to do that and then two 
accounts and then i posted on ad forms and then i   tried facebook craigslist obviously that's nothing 
quite work out to do it on those free ad forms and   like i mentioned earlier there's not a lot of eyes 
that are going to get on there i mean everybody on   that entire website is just trying to make a quick 
buck that's all it is so in my opinion affiliate   marketing i think it's very good if you have 
like a youtube channel or a blog or a following a   traditional affiliate marketing where you're going 
to be getting a commission for a product usually   amazon product or something like that where 
you're going to make a little bit of commission   from that i don't see courses you know i think 
it's a little more difficult maybe the health   niche is better the wealth niche it seems to work 
for some people for me it didn't i don't know you   guys can give it a shot i tried it for a week it 
was a waste of my time but i got some content for   you guys so hopefully you did enjoy this um i try 
this stuff so you guys don't really have to you   can kind of get a realistic perspective of what 
might happen when you try this stuff for just a   week or for whatever period of time i do kind 
of give you guys an idea of whether it's worth   your time or not it's kind of the whole point of 
this channel it's where i try to make money online   so then you guys can too that is of course if i'm 
successful in what i'm doing i'm not then you know   what to not spend your time on you guys didn't 
enjoy this video if you did make sure you drop   a like subscribe for more content and the moral of 
the story is affiliate marketing it could be good   for you could not be good for you for my products 
you know for everything i tried it was not a   it was not a w it was a big fat l but i'm excited 
for the other stuff we got coming out soon on the   channel so you do not want to miss that but we try 
and drop shipping we're going to be doing print on   demand again a lot of crypto stuff coming out too 
so stay tuned for that i'll catch y'all next one