How to Be Motivated to Work Out Every Day

We all feel that we should exercise more, workout more and eat healthy food more. Whether it’s a short 20-minute jogging, a 45-minutes yoga session, or a 75-minute weight lifting training, most of us hope that we can shed some fat, build more muscle (for guys), and have a stronger, faster, more aesthetics body to provide us more energy, motivation and self-confidence.

So when most people start out working out, they will try different training programs, follow different experts and fitness coaches, attempt multiple workout methods during their first year. Combining with different plans of diets or lifestyles, they have a tough time limiting their calories, forcing themselves to stay too long in the discomfort, hoping they will reach their fitness goals.

That’s why most people will give up their goals within a couple of weeks after the New Year. They’ve pushed themselves too hard, too intense and too fast that they burn out all their willpower before habits are developed.

You can’t add a 2 hours training every evening after work.

You can’t exercise too much too long especially when you are not used to doing physical work.

You can’t exert your body too much while expecting you have the same amount of energy to do other things normally.

Yes being ambitious is great for achievers, but you also need to be realistic.

Scientists have found that the sweet spot of peak performance is to set your challenges around 4% above your current skill set. That way it’s challenging enough to feel motivated to push yourself, while not too difficult that overwhelm yourself.

So instead of expecting yourself to lose weight on a weekly basis, track these fluctuating metrics bi-weekly or monthly instead. You need to allow time to work its magic.

Also, you want to make the start of your workout journey as easy as possible. Instead of having 2 hours workout, why not start with a quick 15 minutes’ walk a day? Or instead of paying a large sum to 2-year membership in the gym, why not start doing some body weight training at home?

Next, you should also remind yourself of your ideal vision every day.

Remember your emotional reasons why you are working out? What are the pains of overweight you are trying to get rid of? What are the pleasures of being fit and sexy you want? How would it feel if you have the body you’ve always wanted and get admired? How much better will life be when you are confident, good-looking and inspiring to people?

In your process of weight-loss journey, you’ve got to remind yourself the fantasy land you’ve always dreamt of. Track your progress regularly and make sure you’re in the right direction. Let your vision fuel you and focus on the next baby action step to get the thing done!