Facebook Ads in 2022: BIG Changes, Secret Strategies & Pro-Tips!

this past year’s brought more changes to facebook ads than any year i’ve ever seen before which means what worked great a year ago may not be working so well today so in this video i’m gonna share exactly what’s working with facebook ads going into 2022 taking absolutely everything into account with what happened with that whole apple privacy update that pretty much turned facebook ads upside down so i’m gonna go over everything that’s working right now to help you overcome that ios 14 privacy update and all the best ad types and targeting options and pro tips that i’ve been seeing lots of success with even now when most businesses are just having a really hard time making facebook ads work at all and since success your accounts on perfecting your ad your targeting and your offer we’re gonna tackle today’s tips in all three categories so these tips are gonna help you reach more of your best customers for less money and if you stick around till the end i’m even going to share my exact proven facebook ads funnel that kills it every time when you do it right but before we get going i’m just going to briefly explain what happened this past year that pretty much broke facebook ads for most businesses so in short facebook used to be able to really accurately track what their users did online so whether you agree with that or not that made it really easy for facebook to just serve our ads up to the people that they thought would be most likely to take action on that ad but apple put a stop to to that level of tracking meaning that facebook is really operating much more blindly now so if they can’t see who’s clicking through to your website and converting into a customer on your website they can’t really optimize your ads to show to more people like those converters but don’t worry we’re definitely through the worst of it now because facebook is super smart at problem solving so what they’ve done is they’ve made some pivots and changes bringing in new ad types tweaking some of their existing ad types tweaking how you can target so that we can basically do the very best with what we have to work with and i should mention here that i’m going to be talking about facebook and instagram ads interchangeably since they’re both run through facebook so pretty much everything i’m going to go over in this video applies to both facebook and instagram so let’s start with perfecting your ads themselves and a few things that are going to help you play into those privacy updates so that your ads can be profitable while most other businesses are still fumbling their way through this so my first pro tip for you is your ads need to rely less on your website and this is a really big change right last year i would have told you the best thing you can do is run a conversion objective ad funneling your potential customers to your website to either opt in for a lead magnet or schedule a consultation or appointment or even buy something the problem now is once they leave facebook and they’re now on your website facebook can’t see what happens next but guess what they still can see they can and are allowed to see every action that takes place on the platform of facebook or instagram so anything that anybody clicks interacts with or watches on facebook that’s still information they can use to help you optimize your ads so my next tip is instead of using conversion ads use the new and improved lead generation ad instead so one of my absolute favorite ways of using facebook ads has always been to advertise something that’s going to help you build your email list right it’s just a great baby step that converts way better than if you were to try to sell your paid services or products to a cold audience who doesn’t know you yet and building your email list is still the single most profitable thing that you can be doing as a business even in 2022 i don’t see that one going away anytime soon so anyway the old way of doing this on facebook would involve an ad that would link up to a landing page on your website so they’d have to click the ad to click through leaving facebook and if they opted in and put in their email address on your website facebook would see that action through the facebook pixel that’s installed on your website they’d mark that down as a conversion and then when that happened more and more they’d start to piece together a really clear picture about the type of person who is most likely to opt in for that same thing and then they would just show your ad to more of those people but thanks to apple’s privacy update those types of ads are now doubling tripling and in some cases even quadrupling in price just because they’re way less effective now so now we have to do it a little differently if we want the same results for less money and that’s where this new lead ad comes in so a lead ad is an ad type that facebook has actually had for years now and it looks pretty much just like any other type of ad you’d see there but when someone clicks the button on a lead ad they don’t go to your website right they stay right on facebook and a form appears there pre-filled with whatever information that you wanted to ask for and all they needed to do in the past was click submit and they’ve opted in but to be honest this never used to be a good option and the reason is think about the email address that you used when you signed up for facebook right if you’re like most people if you’re like me you probably signed up about 15 years ago maybe four or five email addresses ago so in other words facebook eliminated the friction by asking people to fill out their own information but you got a bad email address out of it but now lead ads are actually showing the best results for the lowest cost when it comes to getting someone on your email list and lead ads aren’t just for lead magnets and list building either right you can use them to actually schedule sales calls or appointments or have people opt-in for various offers in your business the reason they’re working better than conversion ads right now is that facebook can actually see who’s opting in right because it’s happening on facebook or on instagram and when they can see who’s converting they can actually optimize that ad to be shown to the right people for the lowest cost and they’ve also fixed that bad email address issue by letting people manually enter in their best email address so this is honestly a huge opportunity if you’re trying to build up your email list and you should by the way because i’m seeing ad costs come down way lower than they were with standard conversion ads even before the privacy updates so i actually look at this like a blessing in disguise so while we’re talking about high performing facebook ads let’s move on to my next pro tip video is now non-negotiable right video has been taking over the internet for years now no secret there but in 2022 we’re now at a point where video is becoming the standard in facebook ads so with the rise of you know tick tock and now instagram actually coming right out and saying we are now a video platform video ads pretty much just perform better across the board so i highly recommend that whenever you’re planning out the creative for your facebook ads you should ask yourself how you could use video rather than a static image and if you stick around till the end here i’m going to share my favorite facebook ads funnel that’s going to show you some really powerful video ideas that you can get started with today but whatever kind of video you end up using in your ad here are a few tips to make sure that that’s as impactful as it can be so first since videos usually auto play on silent right you definitely want to add captions if you want people to actually take in what you’re saying now there are a few ways to do this the easiest being just letting facebook auto-transcribe your video and then a separate caption file is generated letting people basically turn them on or off if they want to or you could use a software program like subtitle to burn captions into the video file itself which just gives you more creative control over how they look and i also like you can add the headlines there which makes it even look a little bit more facebooky or instagram youtube and even if you really wanted to use an image in your ad there is a pretty cool trick that i used recently that gave me some pretty amazing results so here’s how you can upgrade your image ads so i ran an ad recently for my free master class and i had just taken a bunch of photos and i at least wanted to try using one of them to see how it would perform but i also knew that when it comes to facebook and instagram ads you’re always competing for attention so i brainstormed a little bit about how i could make a static image work you know more you know work harder and stick out more so here’s what i did i just went to giphy.com and i found an animated gif sticker that said giveaway on it and then i added that on top of my still photo just to give it some fun movement and that really made it feel more like a native post that you’d see on facebook or instagram more so than just like an ad and since it’s got that movement it’s also going to help that perform much more like a video and that ad actually outperformed all the other ones in that test but if you want to take full advantage of video in your ads then my next tip is for you so for the best results in 2022 you want to use ad formats that are specifically designed for video so what am i talking about here i’m talking about story and reels ad placements so story ads have been around for a few years now both on instagram and on facebook but real ads are brand new as of a few months ago and anytime that there’s a new ad placement especially when that plays into the overall direction that facebook is headed you can bet you’re going to get further reach for less money if you use it so in fact the head of instagram adam masseri actually came right out and said we’re no longer a photo sharing app then he went on to say they’re experimenting with different types of video full screen immersive entertaining mobile first video and he straight up called out tick tock and youtube as competition he said people are looking to instagram to be entertained we have to embrace that so it sounds to me like they’re really pushing to reward video based content especially in this new reels placement and you can pretty much think of a real ad the same way that you think of a stories ad right they’re both shown in a vertical format meaning you want to film it upright not sideways and story ads are going to show in between stories as people scroll through them but reels ads can be shown anywhere where you’d see organic reels showing up so that mean you know in the reels feed obviously when you’re scrolling through all those but also you see reels in the news feed too and i want to address this i don’t want you to be scared when i talk about reels so you 100 do not need to keep up with all the new tick tock trends like you know the dancing and pointing at words on the screen in fact i think just talking direct to camera with or without music feels very at home within both stories and reels you see it all the time even in organic reels right so you just want to make sure you either teach a quick tip if it’s that more top of funnel ad that’s just trying to get people to know like and trust you for the first time or if you’re actually selling an offer or a lead magnet just tell them what it is quickly sell the big benefit of it and that they need to click to get it and yes i did say click with reels and stories because instagram has gotten rid of the swipe up feature on stories and replaced it with a link sticker now so now that’s a really important change that’s pretty new still and this is also important as of when i’m making this video you can’t actually create an ad that just plays as a real right they make you pick another placement too but i’m sure as real ads become more and more popular they’re gonna change that so what i recommend here is running one ad and then just manually choose the following three placements reels instagram stories and facebook stories and just run the same ad in all three places so for reals ads you have up to 30 seconds but here’s a mini pro tip for you i highly recommend keeping these ads closer to 15 seconds if you can and while you’re running all these ads that are meant to drive action whether they’re trying to sign people up to your email list or get people to book appointments consultations or even buy something on your website there’s a secondary type of ad that you should be running that’s just going to help all your other ads be much more effective and much more profitable so my advice here is to constantly run engagement ads so let’s just talk about what an engagement ad is and then i’ll tell you why it’s so important to making all your other ads work so an engagement ad is really just a top of funnel piece of content preferably video that you set up with an engagement objective right that’s just meant to generate lots of likes comments and shares it’s not meant to take people off of facebook so um this can be something informative like a tip or piece of diy advice or you know something inspirational showing what’s possible or even something entertaining as long as it’s relevant to your business niche in some way think of these ads as a how you doing to your potential customers and i got to give credit for that in this whole tactic to my facebook expert friend salome shellac she calls this the joey tribiani ad for obvious reasons and i learned from her recently that the reason you want to run a few joey ads like this is facebook likes to see a lot of data on an ad account right they like to see activity they like to see clicks like shares and an overall history so without any data ad costs are going to rise you reach fewer people and you spend more to do it and with that privacy update that’s ripped out a lot of data gathering this is really a smart way to put some data back and season your account with lots of activity and not only is this good for your account health but you’re putting yourself in front of a whole lot more prospects in the process and the best part is you can do this for just a few bucks a day so if you take nothing else away from this video i at least hope you’re gonna start running one engagement ad this week to start feeding your facebook ads account so that it’s gonna be nice and primed by the time you’re ready to go live with all your other ads and remember facebook ad success depends also on your targeting so in other words the audience you choose to put your ads in front of now again the privacy update really affected targeting too since they’re operating much more blindly than they used to and they can’t follow people around the web nearly as freely as they used to in the olden days of early 2021 we could hone in pretty tightly on a subset of people that we thought would be the best audience for what we’re selling but now what actually works best is to advertise to a much larger audience and let facebook’s algorithm optimize and laser in on your perfect customers for you so let’s start with how you should be thinking about advertising to cold audiences now and by the way if you don’t know the marketing lingo yet a cold audience is just one who’s never heard of you or your business before they’re cold so you’ll still select your audience demographics and general interests in the ads manager that has not changed but what has changed is you want to try to open your targeting up if you can do it so i just had a coaching call with an online music teacher uh the other day who’s basically he’s using facebook ads to sell parents on his live online music class for their kids and he was telling me how much more expensive these facebook ads have gotten recently so when we looked into his targeting he was getting really laser focused right he was targeting parents with kids who are pre-teens or teens who also have an interest in summer camps and in music education now that may have worked in the past that was still probably too tight even in the good days but now that is way too constrictive for the algorithm to do its job effectively so my suggestion to him was to simply target parents of kids the ages that he specializes in and that’s it right facebook’s algorithm is smart right even with its current restraints it’s still much smarter than we’ll ever be as humans trying to just guess who’s going to be into our thing so by leaving it really wide like that facebook’s going to quickly figure out an overall profile of the types of parents that they should show his ad to and if you’re going to add an interest you do want to stack interests that are similar to each other until you reach a bare minimum of 500 000 people preferably over a million if possible but don’t worry if you’re a local business you can definitely get away with a smaller number here but you’ll probably want to use even fewer interest targeting options the more local you are so that’s how targeting cold audiences works best in 2022 now let’s talk about my favorite way to target people which are look-alike audiences so in short a look like audience is just a large new audience that facebook finds for you and these people are just similar to people who’ve bought from you or opted into your lead magnet or whatever before right let’s say you’ve got a list of your previous customers you just want to upload a spreadsheet into facebook and then they’d start matching the information you give them with their members so if you put in an email address and they have it in their system that’s a match if not they throw it out so once they have a big enough list of people which is usually you know a thousand or more they get to work looking for those similarities in the thousands of data points that they have on every single user and then once they figure out what all your buyers have in common they then extrapolate that out to find millions more people who also have that same thing in common so this is now your lookalike audience who facebook can start showing your ads to and you can control how tight or how loose this look like audience is right you can choose anywhere between one percent and ten percent so i’ll explain that a one percent look alike is the one percent of the population of any given country that’s the closest to your base audience if you go with the ten percent that’s the closest 10 right that’s 10 times as big but it’s not as close to the target so in the before times a 1 audience was what you almost always wanted to go with because it was the closest you could get but now given that facebook does a better job with bigger audiences i actually recommend widening this out to about three to five percent maybe even as high as 10 if you’re trying to target inside a smaller country just remember ideally you want to advertise to an audience no less than 500 000 people and a million or two is even better so we’ve covered cold audiences and coldish audiences with our look-alikes but what about those warm audiences that are already getting to know you right maybe they visited your website or engaged with your content on facebook or instagram spending money to retarget those people with ads is always the best ad money you can ever spend because they’re much more likely to turn into a customer right they’ve warmed up so let’s talk about how retargeting audiences are going to work best for you now in 2022 so again you want to make your retargeting audiences bigger so a year ago i like to run retargeting ads to people who had been on my website in you know the past five days or so but with less of my website visits being tracked now i have to compensate for that by bumping out that time frame to give facebook enough data and enough people to be able to work with so if i’m doing it now i’d actually run those retargeting ads to everyone who’s been to my website in the past 30 days you can also scale your retargeting audiences by adding more sources so for instance i might run that out to not only 30 days worth of website traffic but also to anyone who’s engaged with my content on facebook and on instagram and if you’re running those how are you doing engagement ads we talked about before you can re-target anyone who liked commented or shared that video too so all around use those bigger audiences and let facebook do what it does best which is crunching the data and finding those matches for you now the third thing you need to get right if you want your ads to succeed in 2022 is the offer itself so specifically the simple funnel of two different offers that are gonna motivate your prospects to become customers and i’ve got that entire perfected funnel for you right here just click this video and you’re gonna see which offers you need and how to create the ads that are gonna do the hard work of selling for you so i’ve made it as easy as i possibly can for you and this funnel works incredibly well especially after the update so just click right here and i’ll share the whole thing with you