Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money on Clickbank For Free [NEW Tutorial]


Clickbank For Beginners How To Make Money On Clickbank For Free.


It can be started Sales affiliate marketing development your business and the first commission within 24 hours They generate money at the end of this video, how to help To generate your first commission within 24 hours. I’ll take you step by step. We will design it for you step by step and show you what products  you need to sell. Let me show you the best selling products by clicking here. I will also try to make a stone slab in front of your screen and move on and give it to you right now. This is an automatic type of engine That means one thing takes one step by chance and the rest is done automatically. I’ll give it to you for free.

This step-by-step training is a great lesson. Basically, I will hold your hand and show you exactly what to do.  So I will . get rid of all the confusion. This is a complete step-by-step training to make it much easier for you. Training can basically be done from home and without any money from you lets continue.

I will go ahead and take you And take your money step by step as a sales associate. This is very unusual I will go ahead with the type of training and show you the strategies step by step Online, especially from success With success columns about making money online Shopping then I take the step. So don’t worry and don’t think is it. This path is very complicated. It’s really easy. If you follow the steps I go You can give it to us and give your first mission within 24 hours.


Let’s move forward step by step. Be sure to skip any of these steps from 1 to 4. The first we go It is important to talk. Many people do not think very well. so there are three types of talent you should consider. One of them,

Health resources and relationships. There are the three main types of nurses. So what If you are looking to make money as an online sales partner, you need to keep that in mind. Now, how do you choose one of these? There are many sub-nodes. Has Why sub-notes describe themselves as an exercise for women over 50 e.g. If you take the Health Niche, this is a subcategory and you can go under it Like another sub-but to make a long story short. There is something you want you need to have a deep kind of love for what you want to sell. You must have meaningful interest in it otherwise it is very difficult to go

Two, when I talk about numbers, I’ll tell you the best place to start. Now for beginners only, even if you are someone who is trying to start an online business, especially if you have a business partner and a serious problem. This bit is very important. Because a lot of people teach you the wrong things and I’ve seen it many times And that’s why I tell them on all my posts and videos.  I am currently marketing this post. I went and spent a lot of money on clicks. There are reasons for that.


One of them pays about half a million Half a million dollars a day in commissions. The other thing is very simple. There are many Markets, you can probably see in many of them but this is the simplest Maybe maybe others. I know there are others as well You may want to but they have qualifications and if they are not And they will help you to qualify for only one or two or two Product for sale. What I’m talking about is that it’s a public market. That means you can go ahead and only apply for your own login information.


But if you want to sell the product you got there, you have to get it if you want it approved but you do not have to confirm with a click.

The third number You probably know if you have some kind of knowledge or if you are interested in the present I’ll tell you where to go and in a moment. we get One website and one product in one I’ll tell you how to choose a product. let’s move on with one to Number four. So let’s go first and go to the website and move on Click. Okay, let’s move on and we’re just right. I’m not going To find out how to actually open an account Enough to do it yourself and because it is never difficult. So I go It’s about talking about the most important things you know to start selling Since the product is online, let me give you some tips on how to do it and how to do it To do.


So when you get this, the first thing you want to do is clear the marketplace This could happen if you do not know what this pension transaction is. I will cover in Details. But I will go ahead and give you a quick look Selling other people’s products and getting a commission or that’s basically it. Okay, I’ll do the first thing I want to do. The only thing I like to do is go 50 and do it here It is very easy to know what to do to choose the best product. This says get products Do nothing about it. All you have to do is leave nothing here. one more time I want you to know that I am a promotional partner with BBank The algorithm and how to do it shows the best-selling A product on BBank that could change tomorrow I don’t know in a month. No one knows if this is the first or the best-selling product. This is the second. This is the third. One thing I want to remember Not all are in the same market or in a packet or in a stock market Those.


You can say that this is health and fitness and if you go down this is self-help Marriage relationships and the like. So I want him to know Not in a specific market or sub-sub or sub-sub. So make sure you pay close attention The second thing you need to do to get ownership is the following And here’s what you need to do. You will see that he must have an ally Tool page. Make sure you click on that. The reason you click it is to make it unknown to you, Take time to move forward and start creating tools for someone else. There are interests There are some really good products that you can use And they sell well, but they don’t have these tools, but now there is a way around that. I am not the subject of this video right now. But If you think you want to know more, this is part of the product I do, otherwise there will be less competition here. I like the fact that there is a product that has many tools that many people can use.



The The second thing you need to do is click on everyone in mobile traffic They now have mobile phones even in third-world countries and use more And they are confused as to why they are going there For example, how can I make a great product? There are many products. Some health and Fitness I can go ahead and maybe show you a little trick here. Suppose You are on a health and fitness journey, copy this and then press Ctrl F And then put it here.


You may have seen it but you are pushing your place from there Highlighted. Suppose you only want what you want. Example And they go and you get everything you want now, maybe you’re skinny too. Well, I don’t know what product it is in health and fitness. Maybe this product I love it here. How do I know if this is really the best place to go and promote it? There are few things I can show you now and it is very important to live That first thing I do is click on the sales page.


If you do not Just like a sales page, this means people going Advertisers e or advertise that you don’t like this so let’s go and click it. And you Click on the end of this page. All I knew was me Dr. Der. I am not trying to provide a plugin here. He is a very good man. He does a lot Good product and if you go down this far, they are good things.


I mean , These are really good This is a written page, by the way, this is not a DSL. which one It covers a little. But if you go down, you can see the products they have seen Stay here and then you can see the web here Andrew Canole. The reason is well known What I’m saying is that I know the person, so let’s go ahead and get back here. Yes I can , I like this. right now . The second thing I need to do is I want to Click on this link to see what is associated with the corresponding page and The point I want to make is if you like the product if you want to know what it is What is the refund rate? You don’t want to spend your money The refund amount is really high. Be sure to ask them.


Your refund amount and For example, if you have something else, some of it really Good emails. You will not be able to release them unless you are on the approved list Go ahead and click on it. It ends here. This is a related page over here. They will tell you a little more about the product and what to do here. They say Go ahead and make your link. You need to be a ‘click’, as the partnership clearly shows. Now you can see the tools I am telling you about here. They have high performance emails. If you click that, you can see what they are They really want to sell because if they don’t sell, they won’t make money right? So, whatever you do, I’m not talking about everything here. A few of them don’t have this — but here are three Options are here. There is a secret so this is one Choose the one you like best, let’s say I chose this one.


If there is anything you need to do Click here for your BBB affiliate nickname, and go ahead and see what we can do I came here. right now . I want to show you how it came about You can really create a great page because you will not use it for the last time The people here do not do this because this is very important and you want it There are two reasons why people use old emails. Number one. You want to build an email The list goes on and on about the two reasons why you don’t want to keep a bomb on this page They are there and people may not be interested in the second good I’m not interested in this product. For example, you may have other products They may be interested. And that’s why you have an email list.


You have to create It’s not complicated at all. I’m not going to show you how it is. So don’t get it I was confused by the situation because when this happened I had 1200 entrepreneurs I did. So you decide from zero to zero in a short time. I am in this business You may have known it more than fifteen years ago but the idea is not for me The idea is how to be successful without being confused. Let’s move forward Come back here. I prefer health and fitness but let’s move forward Choose organic organic juice now, right? So I will move forward And they will show you exactly what you want to do next.


Yes I can. What should we do now? Let’s move forward and step-by-step we go . Design. right now . All of this, as I mentioned, is number 4 In order to be successful in a related transaction, four must actually occur. So let’s go ahead and talk about numbers. Or some tools. This is from the largest There are many failures for those who want to be successful in affiliate marketing They do not pay much attention to the things that are most important to them.


They The first thing you need to do is wave software. We use clickfunnels. In fact, eight billionaires they have . clickfunnels. I do not mean because you click “F”. He made a millionaire. No. They use it clickfunnels. So you know better than you do. so that What’s good about these devices is that everyone can get started with them for free Free for a month. Some have one month. A few are completely free forever. so that Be sure to use that. So what can I do? What I did with the produce we harvested. Well, it is very important to understand Spare models because this is what determines your success. So this goes To separate you from someone else. So let’s go ahead and talk about amateur exchanges Model Basically, what they do is basically take traffic that you can buy from anywhere You can buy the traffic you can promote. There really is no problem and they should be sent directly To the corresponding sales page.


This is the worst thing if you can make a difference Rate is 1% If you are lucky and do not collect any more emails Traffic where you are currently spending money or are currently working to generate revenue. This It is a common model but none of the smallest models are still Amharic. Let me go Go step by step to get the traffic as I mentioned earlier and as I mentioned earlier Send it to the opt-in page here. At least you logged in with some emails. You will get Email then to the inspector what they do most of the time and they will Check your email so you can get here Or they will be sent directly to this page. This It’s still a bad thing.


This is what they sent to this page, and it is still bad because Change is a little better, but one to two percent. You need it Warm the person first. Now, this is true. The above related link is here Method by all means. This is not too complicated. But this is very basic You can use them and I will build one by one It will then provide you with one click of a button that you can move forward and enter into Clinic is the last account so you should never do anything. You don’t have to build is it. You can adjust as much as you want, but now it’s there.


Here is the beauty So you get in traffic. So what happened is this strategy here? We tried it and then it works great for any product under $ 200. You need a different bridge page here, but I don’t want to complicate things. At the same time, there is an entrance and a bridge page to see what is going on. I go Because he chose to show you how important this is and how I created it Also have a bridge page. The bridge page basically warms the user or the prospect Wherever you go. You go to the Thanksgiving page. There is a reason Why am I here because you need to keep track of everything? So what happened I do this automatically, so when someone comes here, they automatically go to the partner Page Then there is a reason and I will tell you about it later.


Let me go Go ahead and come back and tell us a little bit about traffic. So what does it mean to send them here? I will go ahead and build that page And I give you the whole funal so you can use it. And the available page And what a bridge page is when someone puts on their email address Goes to the autoresponder. This happens automatically. They go to the Thanksgiving page. Again, the reason for that is due to tracking and I will show you what the software is That’s why. It is one of the best in the industry because if you are not following it You can basically ride in the dark, so here’s what happens.


It comes out to you From that page automatically go to the corresponding page and you do not have to do anything. This will happen You go here. So you know that someone has really chosen to be in this Information you need to do. And the next thing you can do is send an email We know this is going to be 40 to 100 percent. Again, this is for a product that costs $ 200 or less.


Okay I am It’s about moving forward and building these together. What I’m talking about is the current ‘fungus’. What we need to do first is to build the update and the bridge page together. Yes I can , Of course we go to clickfunnels. All you have to do is click here and then “Floor” Continue now and click here to create new funnels.


Right now . All we have to do is collect emails. Now I remember and give You have this party floor, but I have an idea of how you choose things over it Let’s go ahead and remember that we did that and you can put anything you want here After that, we will build the bubble that we grow. And the first thing you ask for here All we have to do is select the pre-page page and the most preferred one is it. I think this is someone who chooses the template and then what exactly we showed Doing so we build a thank you page. So let’s go ahead and click on Edit Page OK.


The first thing we want to do is move forward and change this color over here. So here it is related to colors like green and so on, because that Very important. So here we do it all. Now you have changed it to fit properly The color is OK. So this seems to be the best. I am for this product Then I want to give you an example then. You can change anything do you want. This special product is not necessary. So another very important thing Just go ahead and get rid of this. Now remember, this is not just about 10 This is also a bridge page. So I offer some benefits to consider For videos now. You can put it on video, but I change that and then I am Go to save an image OK, I saved an image. Basically I took it from here. I made a screenshot. Here, so let me change it a little bit here It’s a little better.


So what happens is that you want to change that Sign up here You can change all this. So let’s go ahead and click that Then you can change it. Okay, right. What to do now Continue here. All I have to do is go ahead and add a column They go now and throw it away. That’s why I want it Build in some benefits. So those who click on it then click on the points in the details.


Right now . The list of points is excellent. I do the benefits of mold Because they do not want to use anything else. I’m going here now Here are some examples. So click on Save Now Don’t worry now So this does not appear on the main page. They don’t see what I really want to do here. I want to do something here. What I need to do is if people click on this To make them understand. I don’t want them to take them anywhere because I don’t want them to take them anywhere I need their email address and this is very important to me.


So what do I do To continue and save here. Post. So everything looks good. going to To do is to move forward and lift a little higher and you can do that. Yes , That is enough. Be sure to save now. I’ll show you this if you want to Some changes can be made. right now . All I have to do is move forward And match it with this color and put it behind it to get it out. And what am I going to do To do is to go to background color and then I will do the same color.


Yes, this right Here and what to do, I moved the font text to White I will change. So it will be good. So he informs the public that the color is the same. you understand . This Here is the right color. The same is true of color. So what exactly do I do Now it’s basically like this. Although people try to click They know they have to put it in their email address. Yes I can. Now, this It’s great. Yes, take me to the video. right now . Now everyone knows you have entered your email Contact the address to watch the video and we will save it next. Hence the benefits You can save some images here. You don’t have to do it, but here’s what What are we trying to do here? It’s kind of like cheating for someone to do two things in Thailand Some have at least a few benefits about the product. It has some benefits There are some benefits here and there. Yes I can. Now divide this as your bridge Because you do not want to save only the entire opt-out page.


Yes, sometimes it is. But So when you have something like this that is known and you are well known You want to give it a little more buff here. Most of these are now available to you They actually got it from the sales page. So it’s not like moving the wheel. You don’t have to sit there and you just don’t have to go exactly what I have to do Do that. So this is here. This is the select login page and the bridge page. We are a bridge The gap between this selected login page and what you find. I see next Thanks page a bit. OK now. We will build in the future Thanks page. Then. I think they give us some options to choose from This is exactly what it does here. Then we go to Art Edit (page) The way we want to do it, I will show you how you really do it Automatically. This is a thank you page.


So when people come in here They go. Go somewhere else. Whatever you do in it, let’s move on over here. I relinquish this right here, and enter it. Yes, that’s right. Click here to do what I want you to do and then I will do what I do To set the timer, the timer is about to run out People or that person elsewhere. So I, too, for three I’m going to set it up.


Seconds and then he will do something else to share what I did right. so that I will go ahead and turn around but now I want to show you Before that, let’s go a few things and a few and get out of here. no need To Dad. So I go ahead and just get rid of this. thanks. Go ahead and take it This is off then I will go ahead and take this right here because When I hear any emotion, then I must hear it. All I have to do now is move forward and make it bigger. So let’s go Click on it first.


My favorite thing to do is go ahead and change the color of the text. Go ahead and save it. And then what I do I will add in the future is it. Let’s move on. 30 Then I will take the initiative and be courageous. Then what can I do here? So he’s basically telling people You will be automatically transferred to the video. Now, what I do My coming is to bring it here again. You have arrived Go to number 4 and then we will continue to click on this. You will see an autoresponder. There is something I want to tell you about a self-responder you. You may think that your previous self-response might be good. Exactly I want to know one thing about many auto-responders, 98% of them are not They are not suitable for the case of partners when they know that a sales associate is selling Products, and I’ve seen it happen a lot.


You will close your time account. a lot of About them again. Second, they are not friendly to fellow traders. They want to sue That’s why you have twice for each domain name aweber is probably one of the best So let’s go ahead and show you how to connect to aweber. I Go to Joseph clickfunnels to show you how to do that. Hello Josephine from Clickfunnels customer education team today. We will review how you can do it. Merge aweber with your clickfunnels account. Once you have the merger Of course when people want to have it or go into order In clickfunnels your product will be added to your list immediately in aweber This setup naturally requires an aweber account. You already want to be sure Make a list in aweber. So once you are ready, you are ready to go Join me here, and we’ll sit at the top right and go to the account Settings tab. Now I went in search of navigation keys. The first option under configuration is integration. Click on it. Then go to your right Add a new integration and let’s go ahead and click on that.


On this new integration page Weber is right here. So we click that You must have only one account in this account because it is called aweber. can you In any case, if you have multiple aweber accounts, try to identify it. Our next step Simply click the link. And to get in here They see that we need to get in. Weber will see clickfunnels. Allow Allow access. And then you have to succeed Message forward with clickfunnels. This is from the pages You can connect with. Or your product until next time. Good fungus abduction. Thank you Joseph. Yes I can.


Right now Going to the next level, we begin to move on to the most important track And start now to make everything easier for us. What we want To do is to put everything together. The reason we connect them So we want to keep track of everything we are going to do next and get started on the bridge page the first. And then thanks then this (right) As I mentioned, we have already found this page and should not create it is it. But before we get here, we have to automate the process.


So here we start Up to 10 bridge pages. Okay, I want to go ahead and show you how to create a new one Links so many affiliates or online merchants It allows us to keep track of all the numbers. Reject because they are not following anything or in a very bad way. What are we? All you have to do is pull out the page you entered on this page Enter any name you want on your link Probably a brand. If you want to hear, you have to hold 10 because you have to Something is here. What should we do? We go to our bedroom. This It’s a landing page. What should we do? We have to click on this. we go Return to click. Dick then all we have to do now is post. we go To create a tracking link. right now . A tracking link has been created and this That’s right. You may have heard of a small link or a youth link. It’s the same thing This is very sophisticated and I will tell you that And I have to do it because I am here.


I create a pixel A little more sophisticated but very simple. All you have to do is click on the pixels We want to know when Buddy is, opt in. We want to know if someone gave their emails Contact us. This is very important because we want to know if these things are working Or Not. So what do we do with this when you click here and instead of action? And click on participation. Then do it in pixels. Pixels have already been added here Then we will put it in the thank you page and show you how to do that Because when we put it on the thank you page. We have received an announcement of what will happen Someone has logged in or given their email address. Now click Change and click He is here now. We can keep track of everything that matters most Easy. You want to know what your conversion rate means. So if you do not know what to do Step by step, your success is very difficult for you because you have nothing to try. such as Try it as a landing page You know, if you don’t know what your conversion rate is and this is going to happen To keep track of you.


So no matter where you go and do the advertising Unique ads or any kind of advertising. All you have to do is provide this link here. Not only that, this is the only thing that monitors everything. Think we can keep track of this total clicks Fraud clicks if you get into fraudulent clicks and actions. These You pick someone up and they give you their email address and it goes here 5% 1% 20% 50% OK to show what your conversion rate is. we go Continue and connect Thank you by linking the page I mean put it in the tracker So it’s time for someone to get up here.


We know they chose this Go ahead and do that. So let’s move on and start there. Well, we Again in clickmagick. Let’s go ahead and click on the opt-in page. Remember now I’ll tell you now how to put together a select login page and a thank you page or both Click on pixels. I have already created the pixel, but it is very easy to do Click here to create a pixel then select the action you performed, then what Do you copy this? Copy it and then go back to Thanksgiving for what you want to do You are here. What should we do then? We will sit ahead Click on the bottom and the code and on the left is right here But I will go ahead and do it again but the idea is there. So it will be Fire. That means someone got it because when someone gets it, it’s automatic Go directly to the Thanksgiving page.


So I found someone and their You know the email address must be in your autoresponder. Now, as we have already decided The type of product that is part of the sales partner is now the product partner. Clearly. This is an example You can choose what you want but I will show you how I can do it Here you go, here to stay Reduce the steps you need to take. So we take them right away For two reasons. Knowing that they are the first reason You do not have to click on anything or wait for something. So let’s go Go ahead and do that now. Okay, you got that from clicks. So we That means we need space for organifi resources.


They have a help link in the property page Or any length you want to use. Copy it now. It depends on the product Like products you need to go and click on promotion and find that link If you have a computer, copy that link when you copy it, and do the same. To the Thanksgiving page and what to do here? Click here? Yes I can , And click here and then click Enter “Click” link Address URL Root. what do you mean? It happens when the three seconds are up It starts automatically. This will automatically redirect your hope to the corresponding page Thank you for not doing anything without them. You will be redirected to the video Because you want to watch that video. What we did on the first page It’s to make you want to watch the video. So let’s move on. right now . What happened under clickmagick? You can find out how many people are actually loaded Here on your right link.


The general clicks here say that special clicks are unique If someone among them sees why they don’t count twice. This It basically has cursor clicks and this action means that you have already entered them Their email address and their email address should appear on your autoresponder. Now maybe you have a list or you have a list and you have connected with them So you can buy that product because a lot of people don’t buy it from the beginning Now I will go ahead and show you how beautiful this is.


Habit automatically. So go ahead. This is beauty. I just clicked that. It takes me The landing page I created here by clicking Next to click and enter. He takes a thank you page and then takes us to a companion Page is automatic without doing anything so this is very important The reason it is so important is that once you forget it and forget what happened next You refresh me and you can say what happened next because I did it right in front of me From you.


The total click that occurs is one special click. This is not a scam Click Clear Action. This is very important to someone. If you do not have In this, yes, you know that you know everything, when you click on something else You have to pay attention. I will cover where I receive your traffic When someone sends you traffic, you can find out if this is fraudulent clicks You can tell right away. So don’t waste your money This beauty is here If you want, you can keep track of what you did now How good this is is basically someone gets their email address and then The rest is history. Then you will be given a percentage of how many people here Special clicks from non-general clicks are clearly evident here You got it. It’s one hundred percent because someone has chosen OK and we have to talk about what’s next Exactly here. We talked about one or two, three and four and then about these We talked about things.


These are very important. You cannot perform any of these. If these do not exist Tools, these are tools for success. Let’s go ahead and talk about the last device This is traffic. I left the traffic forever. Because I did it for a reason Make him feel any way you want to go about it and talk about it before, your Niche or market Or do you know what a non-commercial (non-commercial) traffic is? People who click on your landing page to buy a product now.


I want to move forward And tell me about you. Everything is up to the links in the description You need to promote and run your business and I will go ahead and give you a coupon Let me tell you when I use it for you udemi like me all for me They say, or they say there are no people who always use it. You are watching You can do something, some testimonials, and so on. What do you get now U in clicks? That’s what they call unique ads. This is called the sole ad You are buying clicks from people like that. Clicks and what you bought Will it send you a competent process to your page on your iPod under the keyword? I put it on health as you can see here, and I got this now. I will explain How to choose the right person for you. So you can get the most out of it. Now this The person here seems to be doing very well.


He is charging 69 cents with one click If you click clickmagick now, you can do what I showed You are the one who will do that See when the right person clicks. They want to give me the link I mentioned. Because of me They ask you where to send the traffic. So this is what it costs to click on a button. The second number here is very important. This report is the percentage of Gers 50% of sales for the last 100 reported 50% of sales This is very high. By the way, I can Another thing to see here is that everything is great. He got 516 and had no complaints about it, which is why he was a good man Obviously. These people don’t want to do bad things because if they do They have one thumb, which is three.


Here it is and One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes they have a unique negotiation Agreements Some of them have agreements. I guess some of them don’t have agreements You can make a 24 percent discount before placing any order If you have something you like here before you place any order, we have a cover So far, everything. So I’m pretty sure. I want you to start in the future. so that , You know we talked about number one getting your Niche The second thing about where to go is to say what you like Click about why it’s so easy.


You do not have to be qualified Third thing. I showed him how to choose the best seller We then talked about clicking a button and how to choose and then what to look for All you need to do now is to click on the “Explosive” software. Links in the description area. So look at self-chargers again, they Not all are the same.


Then you have to follow the path and follow it in another way.


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