7 Mindsets of Highly Successful People

[Music] hello and welcome congratulations in fact you’ve made it this far it’s not by happenstance that you’re listening to this message now if you’ve not hit the alerts button or subscribe button do so immediately so don’t miss anything that comes hot off the press today i’m going to be sharing with you seven mindsets of highly successful people highly successful and happy people for i’ll just pop that in there too okay so ready let’s dive in change your mindset change your life it sounds so easy that many of us tell ourselves it’s too late to change careers or that we don’t have enough time to learn something new now living with these limiting beliefs creates a self-fulfilling professor we believe we can’t so we don’t if we instead live in terms of i can and i will imagine what we could achieve would achieve great things i believe our thoughts of incredible power over our everyday lives and that our moves and behaviors are a reflection of how we think so here what you’ll discover is seven hacks to ensure that you’re always in the right frame of mind to be successful and happy now it starts with imagining possibilities instead of focusing on roadblocks and roadblocks are inevitable okay it doesn’t matter how much you set yourself up see what we’re dealing with is what you can control not what you cannot control what you can control is more than enough self-control having the right tools is essential literally anyone can transform the mindset and learn to ask can you imagine too so here are the seven mindsets of highly successful people so we’ll start with number one get rid of the old mindset and focus on growth so let’s say you feel like you’re not getting ahead at work with a fixed mindset a fixed mindset says the situation is the way it is and it will never change no matter what you do a growth mindset says you can create change if you work hard adapt to feedback and implement strategies for personal development it goes without saying which people go further in their careers the proof’s in the pudding i mean you can literally look at that and you can calculate it you are what you think and whatever you’re focusing on basically that’s you’re gonna get more of that it comes down to the difference between limiting and implying beliefs however if you start to believe in your capacity to achieve greatness what’s going to happen you’ll find that everything in your life will fully suit we’ll move on to number two adopt an abundance mentality rather than a scarcity mentality so imagine working for a company and there’s one person that’s responsible for 80 of the results the good results that you get inside of the company let’s say we use the 80 20 rule with the product principle and that person that’s getting the 80 is like hold on i’ve got an idea i’m going solo i’m setting up independently i’m running my own business and that person decides to leave now that company are going to be in a bit of a pickle right now you can either have a scarcity mentality be in a position like that or you can have an abundance mentality you could think to yourself hold on a second top earners left where does that leave us we wasn’t as good as the top earner however this is opportunity knocking on the door i can say for myself that i was stuck in a scarcity mentality and i thought there was only enough success for just a couple of people or a few people but ever since i’ve learned that this kind of thing can breed a culture of paranoia where everyone lives in a state of fear when you switch to the when you switch to the abundance mentality everyone benefits because you start sharing ideas you’re not competing against each other you’re looking at areas where there’s strengths and all the areas where people are being strengthened also known as weaknesses right and you work more effectively as a team because i believe complacency can set in and you can expect a person that’s trailblazing to stay in that lane and expect that person to do all the work you know often time people can think like this which is a scarcity mentality mind you you can be thinking to yourself or the other person is great at what they do or just let them go trailblaze do all the work while we just sit down on our backsides and get paid paycheck at the end of the month so i think an abundance mentality it sparks creation you start recognizing that there’s more than enough success to go all around so being in that position means that you freed yourself from limitations number three stop being afraid of failure but be willing to fail i’ve got this thing and it goes like this there’s no such thing as failure just feedback i found that the number one reasons why entrepreneurs don’t succeed is because they are afraid to fail that fear can even keep them from starting something in the first place the fact of the matter is this no one ever fell to the top of the mountain right you can’t reach the peak unless you take that first step so i believe in philosophy wtf willing to fail because the only way to grow is to make mistakes risk is scary risk is scary but stagnation is even worse think about that and the more that you believe you’ll fail is the more that you will fail because you’re asking indirectly to fail you see if you’re not taking chances you’re failing by default so you’re better off taking the chance number four create long-term visions rather than short-term goals and here’s why you can’t reach a destination if you don’t know where you’re going same goes if you’re climbing the corporate ladder switching jobs or if you’re starting a new business you see before you can create a strategy and set your short-term goals you need to write a long-term vision of success you see when it comes to me myself and i i’ve always been concerned about where i’m going rather than how i’m going to get there so i consider myself to be a visionary entrepreneur so for me it’s not a matter of like blindly putting one foot in front of the other it’s about shooting up to the moon and landing on the stars and that will bring my vision safely back down to planet earth you see if you look at your vision like a painted picture and you’ve got these crystal clear snapshots of how your business will look how your business will feel and act every five years it’s a way of keeping everyone aligned and motivated to succeed as a team number five never be afraid to break the rules it’s an opportunity to learn it made me a better entrepreneur you see i remember growing up in a place called nottingham radford um despite the things that were going off stuff teachers told me the things my parents would say i wasn’t held back by these things when i got myself in a bit of trouble here and there if anything i found that it made me much more palatable as an entrepreneur when we look at risk-averse or risk-averse people who stay in the little comfort zones you know you look at the behavior of a risk-averse person they’re hardly ever leaders now it’s the people that get up move fast and break things and defy convention you change the world you can take a look around you can see them all every person like you can see that i’ve done great things you know that they’ve gone through experiences and they have created their own rules bent rules made certain decisions call them mistakes you see success is all about grip their guts gumption function to function so if you want to progress your career it’s best that you get comfortable in getting them crowns out and colouring outside of the lines we find that there’s lots of treasure there so we’ll move on to number six right listen to what your gut is saying serious thing here now i know that at times we can overthink things we can overthink once in a while which is perfectly fine however if you second guess every single decision you make and you’ll never get anything done remember this overthinking also leads to rumination the destructive and potential career ruining process of dwelling in the past the past is a memory okay it exists it’s a memory but it’s in the past very important to remember now in my experience i’ll say i’ve had over 38 years of experience in business i started out making clothes selling music selling beats making beats on a keyboard and selling them to people that were rappers um selling my drumming and music musical services and skills to recording artists you know running around to shops selling items selling clothes that i’ve made and tapping into wholesale tapping into supply on demand and also tapping into sales on return where you’ll take some items into a clothing store like john lewis debenhams house of fraser and independent stores as well and having a line of clothes inside them stores inside the shops and as the items get sold you then get a commission and the shopkeeper will then keep a cup so from a young age these are the things that i started to tap into and i’ve learned how important it is to make quick and really tough decisions as well so stop letting the lizard brain control your thoughts and actions instead take charge and start acting on instinct it’s very important in most cases your intuition will steer you in the right direction so we’ll move on to number seven let positivity be flowing in all that you do let positivity be flowing like fluid in all that you do now if you set up to change just one thing about the way you think this should be it now it’s scientifically proven that optimists are happier and more successful than pessimists putting this into its right context provided they’re realistic about goals and outcomes now me as you turn it up to mister i always try to see good in every situation if i’m falling short on some aspect of the business i don’t see it as doom and gloom i know it’s just a temporary obstacle a temporary challenge that i’m overcoming so that’s how i see things that’s how i’ve developed my mind to perceive things based upon my experiences and outcomes my calculations good thing about positivity is it breathes off its own kind so the light becomes lighter darkness becomes darker so the more you are positive about certain things is we’re going to trap them very things that are vibrating on that same wavelength having that half full or half empty attitude in your perception it will start to guide you into everything you do now the truth is success doesn’t automatically bring happiness i know this 100 based upon my experiences keeping a positive mindset will invite success into your life and all it takes is a few shifts in your thinking in order for you to become your best authentic self there you go so actually seven mindsets of highly successful and happy people and i hope you’ve been blessed by that do contact me if you’re in need of any coaching services and also content and material you can find some details in the description box below that will take you to a place that is rich of resources that will add tremendous value to you and yours if you’ve got any comments any feedback you would like to share do use the comments section below hook me up let’s continue to build so that’s it for me kevin clark believing in you and remember stay focused god bless bye now